Look After Your Employees And They Will Look After Your Clients

Employees are the greatest asset for a company. Despite this many companies treat their employees poorly. For making a business successful, it all depends on the motivated and engaged people to make it happen.

If an employer treats people poorly, they aren’t going to put the same level of effort into what they do. It is so because if you don’t appreciate people who deserve it, they will learn to stop doing the things you appreciate.

We all have the statement that “The customer is always right” for a million times. The idea that good, loyal, quality customer service is the most admirable goal in any industry is a deep-rooted belief that supports any business transaction.

Your employees are the ones who are providing the services and the ones who are directly in contact with your clients.

Employees determine the customer experience. If it’s good you win and if it’s poor you lose. It’s really that simple.

For example, when a problem call is made; the customer service representative become the primary service provider to the customer.

The customer will judge the value of doing business with you by the experience they have with that customer service representative.

In this case, the customer service representative is the most important resource for the company. Likewise, operations staff are also the most important resource as they build and deliver the products and services to your customer.

In an organization, every staff member determines how stakeholders respond to the company in the marketplace. They become the company when they “touch” the customer.

But in today’s business world, the single most important a company needs to take the next step in growth and innovation is often under used or under developed i.e. human resource.

According to a recent Harvard Business Publishing Survey of global professionals, only 32 percent of global leaders are confident that their organization has the necessary leadership talent and skills to achieve their strategic goals.

Firms and institutions must recognize the importance of human capital as a critical first step in tapping into unrecognized potential.

By doing so, companies get in return is better leaders, more effective managers, better decisions and a greater return on investment.

Here below are few tips for how to keep your employees satisfied.

Never take Employees for granted

Instead of making employees feel undervalued, companies should always look to reward employees who put in the effort and deliver results.

Employer should always acknowledge employees efforts and contributions openly. Let them know how much you value them.

A study showed that more than 84 percent of employees viewed their company as a great place to work if it had three or more reward and recognition programs in place.

It is rightly said by Simon Sinek that “Customers will never a company until the employees love it first”.

Be Real with Employees

Employees produce poor customer interactions as they have a disconnection with their organization and are unhappy with their job.

Unsatisfied and unhappy employees can only pretend to provide positive customer service for so long. With time, they will burn out and ultimately result in bad customer service.

To avoid this, encourage your employees to address their issues, worries and concerns which will show that you actually care about their well-being and that you are willing to listen them and find out a solution.

Trust your Employees

Employer should not be afraid to grant his/her employees with new responsibilities instead of making them perform one single task for their life.

Doing so, allow them to grow and become more confident in their individual abilities while making them feel more valuable to the organization.

Some managers might feel that allowing their employees to try new things presents a risk to productivity; but it actually heads off other issues.

So trust them, and provide them intense exposure to open up to new things.

Keep your employees happy

Employees are more productive when they feel they are a dynamic and an essential part of the team.

By listening and respecting your employees, you will be giving them the motivational push that they need to stay loyal and committed to the company’s goals.

Praise your employees openly, set goals appropriate to the work and always take your employees needs seriously; and then surely your company can weather any economic storm.

Ensure a Positive Work Environment

The physical layout of the office is important to maximize productivity. As a result, happy employees make for a happy company.

Within an organization, we help employees to grow and develop by taking new responsibilities or challenges.

To accomplish all these, they need enough room to work, the correct materials and a comfortable and pleasant environment resulting in decreased absenteeism.

Encourage Transparency

One of the major problems employees face is a lack of understanding of how our work fits into the bigger picture ultimately leading employees to feel unappreciated or unenthusiastic.

To overcome this, employer must create a culture of transparency so that all employees understand the goals, plans and challenges that are on the way.

Along with making them feel an important part of the team, it gives you the chance to receive ideas and input from people who otherwise might not have speak up.

Invest in your employees

Companies that get the most of their employees are the ones that are not afraid of investing in their success.

Investing means training your employees to ensure that they can overcome their barriers easily that come on their success path.

Continuous education and professional development are necessary for allowing them to constantly move forward and keep doing better.

Get your employees involved

Help employees feel involved by having regular meetings where everyone can voice their opinions and concerns.

This has an added benefit as an organization can also gain valuable information about products and concerns that will hurt the bottom line.

The more sense of “family” you can create, the more productive employees will be. For the same, host special employee events where their family can be involved such as award function, picnic, fairs and many more.

Encourage Teamwork

Nothing is better at keeping and individual focused and responsive than belonging to a team.

With the help of teamwork, employees learn to trust each other and to look beyond themselves.

It also ensures healthy competition in a team which can increase both creativity as well as productivity.

Build ownership

You have to make employees feel that they own the place, not just work there. At the same time, they must be held responsible for what the customer is buying.

One way to uplift this feeling is to have each member of a team become familiar with other members; allowing them to bring their ideas for improvement and their input to the table.

Its better if the roles are not too specialized allowing your employees to rotate responsibilities from time to time resulting in “WE” than “ME”.

Employees are the branches of a tree that makes an organization grow. In order to remain competitive and strong in an industry you have to treat your employees well.

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