Mexico’s Government To Legalize Drugs

On Wednesday, Mexico’s Supreme Court gave the green light to growing marijuana for recreational use that could lead to legalization in the country with history of conflict with drug cartels.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Mexican President-elect has given his future interior minister “carte blanche” to explore the possibility of legalizing drugs in a bid to restraint violent crime.

Legalizing drugs shall be the part of the policy to tackle the violent crime that grasp the nation. Mexico’s drug traffickers are the biggest suppliers of cocaine, heroin and other narcotics to the US.

The atmosphere is quickly changing as drug cartels continue to wage war on the population. About 21000 homicides were committed in the nation, most of them being related to drugs in the year 2016.

The country has been engulfed in a wave of violence that has seen more than 200000 murders since Mexico deployed its army to fight drug trafficking in the year 2006.

The Mexican government has been incapable of stopping violence and retorting to it with institutional mechanisms in the past 10 years.

There is much bureaucracy ahead for the Mexican government and its citizens as American states are going through the legalization process. And despite this, they are moving forward and taking one step closer to full legalization.

This legalization would include reduced sentences for criminals who help shed light on unsolved crimes, such as the tens of thousands of missing people’s cases in Mexico including a reparations program for victims.

Sanchez Cordero stated that “A transitional justice system for Mexico is possible and urgent, not just for the victims of the violence but for all of Mexican society.”


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