Are Micro-Mansions the Next big thing of 2018?

Craving for a sparse lifestyle? Dream of living in an energy efficient, sophisticated and affordable houses that lets you live life to the fullest?

Now, you can have a house of your own with all the things you ever dreamt of at a reasonable price. Yes, you heard it right!

There are micro-mansions which will not scrimp luxury; but are equipped with top – notch features including pools, hot tubs and wood burners.

micro-mansions 2018

It is a big thing or trend designed for new generation of wealthy home buyers who wish to cut the chaos of city, live in peace and a simpler, affordable and economical way.

These micro-mansions are designed to decrease the amount of energy needed to cool and heat your house by more than 40%.

The micro-mansions cover an area of around 4000 square feet which should not constitute a small home or downsizing.

micro-mansions 2018

It is a large single – family luxury home with various facilities provided. For some people, it might be a small place to live as they prefer a larger place to live in.

This concept of 4000 square feet is new and affordable price between $ 4 million to $ 10 million.

There are not many houses available in this price range. They are either bigger or older with varied price range.

micro-mansions 2018

The best part about these micro-mansions are that they are available on wheels and can be easily transported to another site.

These minimalist dream homes are taking over the market rapidly. As the living space is being contracted, these micro – mansions are being preferred more.

micro-mansions 2018

At the same time, they offer huge benefits including lower utility bills, a smaller carbon footprint resulting in lower cost overall.

Micro-mansions are becoming the new big thing and slowly becoming the need of every people.


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