Mind-Boggling Facts about the outer space!

The planet Earth that we live on is still mysterious in many ways. Scientists are at work day and night to understand the complex evolution of Earth and discovery of new knowledge regarding the indefinite number of wildlife species and geography of the planet.

The most proud human discovery is that of knowledge outside the immediate atmosphere of the Earth. Humans have been able to reach and study the outer space and discovered various facts about it since the launch of the first satellite rocket in 1957.

Given that we haven’t even passed a century since the first launch into outer space, scientists have done amazingly well to study and gather facts regarding outer space.They have been able to reach parts of space previously unknown and transmit data regarding other planets and stars back to the earth.

Thanks to them, here are 10 facts about the outer space that will boggle your mind!

The Sun alone takes up 99.86% of the entire solar system!

All the planets, stars, asteroids and space rocks in the solar system are unmatched to the size of the Sun. Although the Sun’s exact weight can not be calculated, it is said that the Earth is the size of a nickel in a full front-door that is the Sun.

It rains diamonds on Jupiter and Saturn!

In the extreme heat and pressure on these planets, lightning storm turns methane into soot, which harden into diamond as they fall to the surface of Jupiter and Saturn. This means that it does rain diamonds there, although uncut and also those which melt when they come in contact with the hot surfaces of the planets. Nevertheless, it would only take you a round trip to Jupiter and some rain there to become rich here on Earth!

Two pieces of same metal in space bond permanently when brought in contact!

In space, there is nothing between the atoms of two pieces of same metal to tell them that they are different, and hence they bond permanently into one. This is known as cold wielding and does not require heat to process. Here on Earth, the water and air in the atmosphere maintain a layer between the metals to keep them from bonding.

A day on Venus is longer than a year on Venus!

In earthly terms, a day is the time taken for a planet to rotate in its own axis and a year is the time taken to orbit the Sun. Venus takes only 225 Earth days to orbit round the Sun while it takes it 243 Earth days to complete an axis rotation.

There are more trees on Earth than stars in The Milky Way!

There are approximately 3 trillion trees on our planet Earth, while there are around 200-400 billion stars in the Milky Way. Note that we are only talking about the Milky Way, not the entire Universe, whose depth we are still unaware of!

The space has no sound!

Given the fact that there is no atmosphere in the space, sound waves have no medium to travel through and hence, the space has no sound. For communication purposes, astronauts use radios as radio waves can still be transmitted in outer space.

A huge mass of water is floating in space!

There has been a discovery of the largest mass of water, around 140 trillion times that of the water in Earth’s oceans, in space. It is in the form of a water vapor cloud and somewhere around 10 billion light years away from the Earth! We cannot decide which fact is more amazing: there is  a chunk of water in space or that scientists were able to trace something 10 billion light years away from Earth?

Venus is the hottest planet in the Solar System, not Mercury!

Despite being closest to the Sun location wise, Mercury’s temperature fluctuates as it has no atmosphere to regulate it. Venus has been found to be the hottest planet in the Solar System with 450 degree Celsius as its average temperature.

There is a possibility of a planet made of diamonds!

As rare and impossible as it sounds, there is a very strong possibility that there is a planet whose surface is made out of graphite and diamonds. Scientists at Yale University say that the particular planet named 55 Cancri e, 40 light years away from Earth, is also visible to the naked eye in the constellation of Cancer.

Footprints of first moon walkers is still there!

The moon doesn’t have an atmosphere to corrode the footprints, neither does it have water to wash it away. As a result, the footprints of the first humans on earth, along with the print of the spacecraft, as still there and will likely remain so for the next million years!



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