Most Controversial celebrities

Logan Paul's comeback after a scandal created by a vlog of a dead body in Japan's "suicide forest."

Celebrities are found doing mischievous activities all the time. Some do it in order to get attention from the media and do scandalous activities. However, some scandals can have long lasting consequences and here are some of the most controversial celebrities:

Despite all the allegations of domestic violence, Johnny Depp will continue his appearance in the “Fantastic Beasts.”

Ex- wife of Johnny Depp, Amber Heard has accused him of physical and mental torture that she went through in her marriage. She filed a restraining order against Depp in May of 2016. She filed her order less than a week before after filing for a divorce. She donated her entire divorce settlement to domestic violence and children’s charities.

Piers Morgan is well known for making sexist remarks and controversial arguments. Morgan is a 53 year old British journalist who has a huge history of writing controversial and writings have been widely criticized. He usually made bad remarks of female celebrities.

Morgan had once denigrated Ellen DeGeneres and called her a hypocrite for praising shirtless male celebrities. He also had accused the band Little Mix of “using sex to sell records” after the group had released a song named “Strip.” In the song the singers were naked with insults written on their bodies.

Chris Brown faced a huge public counterblast when he assaulted the then girlfriend Rihanna. He is still allowed to come within close proximity with Rihanna. This year, Brown was arrested on a felony battery charge along with the illegal possession of Capuchin monkey.

Despite all these controversies, Brown performed with Drake on the Los Angeles Stop of the rapper’s world tour in October. He was also mentioned a lot in Twitter during a viral debate about the “king of R n B.”

The fans of Chris Pratt have expressed their utter disappointment and have outraged over his “passion for hunting.” Among all the Chris’s of Hollywood( Chris Evans, Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth), Chris Pratt has been the most controversial. He has been repeatedly getting hate from the fans for his comments.

The actor has expressed his passion for hunting as it was a hobby that runs in his family. However, this year fans were infuriated after he talked about eating “fresh-farm-to-table” lambs that he raised.

Logan Paul’s comeback after a scandal created by a vlog of a dead body in Japan’s “suicide forest.”

Logan Paul came into limelight because of vine( a non functioning app at the present time).

Paul made it to the news headlines after he filmed a now-deleted video of him and his friends discovering a corpse in a forest in Japan. He apologized for his controversial video and took a break from posting things in social media.

Thousands of people had signed a petition to kick Logan out of YouTube, but the plan wasn’t successful. Sophie Turner condemned the star and urged the followers of Paul’s “to find yourself an idol who isn’t a gargantuan a**hole.”

Megyn Kelly faces immediate comeback after defending blackface. She talked questioned why it was racist to wear black for Halloween. Kelly has a history of making controversial comments but the fans were furious when she defended backlash on NBC’s “Today.”

Kelly has apologized for her comments after facing immense pressure from her viewers as well as colleagues and she clarifies herself by saying, “I have never been a PC kind of person.” Kelly was fired from her job in NBC’s “Today” show in October and she was paid $30 million for leaving the company.


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