This Dog Celebrated its Birthday in the Best Way Ever

Even animals have the freedom to celebrate the day they were born that too in the best way possible.

Birthdays are very special to all of us. It’s the day we were brought into this world officially.

Birthdays might mean that we’re getting older and a step closer towards the end but,


Nevertheless, we all know how we feel about the day we were born. And since we’re human it’s common that we celebrate the birth of greatness, i.e. us in a special way.

Of course, it’s up to us, in our own hands how we decide to spend the most awaited day of the whole year. Whether it’s a cozy dinner date with your loved ones, or it’s partying and getting wasted with your best buddies all day and night.

Or maybe curling up under your sheets, eating snacks and letting Netflix ask you if you’re still watching. Whatever it is, it’s your day.

And when it comes to birthdays, there’s no place or rulebooks where it’s written that it’s just humans that have the rights to celebrate their born day.

Even animals have the freedom to celebrate the day they were born that too in the best way possible.

After all, animals are also a crucial part of this world. And when it comes to humans, the most important animal for them has to be a dog because dogs are man’s best friend.

And when a best friend has its birthday, you better celebrate it in the best way, unlike anyone has ever seen.

And this is exactly how Mowgli-The Hero got to celebrate his day, in the best way ever.

Mowgli's Birthday

Mowgli is not your regular dog, he is the heart and the CFO (Central Fun Officer) of a dog food company called Dogsee Chew based in Bengaluru, India founded by Bhupendra Khanal.

Since Mowgli was the most important member of the start-up company whose name is even mentioned in Forbes, there was no doubt that the whole team of Dogsee Chew had to celebrate his 3rd birthday with a bang.

Don’t believe us? Look at the pictures below to know who Mowgli celebrated his special day with all his friends and loved ones below.

Mowgli's Birthday.
Mowgli cutting his birthday cake.
Mowgli's Birthday.
Mowgli’s cake firing up.
Mowgli's Birthday.
Mowgli devouring his yummy birthday cake.
Mowgli's Birthday.
Mowgli’s friends having a blast.
Mowgli's Birthday.
The man of the hour.
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