This Multi-talented Barber has Solution for Every Problem

Barbers are a fascinating breed. Not only do we entrust them with our beloved tresses, which makes remarkable difference to our physical appearance, but we also surrender our lives to them. Just imagine the pressure on your throat. Mild slit and you’d spill like a sack of beans. Saloon is also the only place where we truly disconnect from technology.

19th century barbers were referred as barber-surgeons generally, and they were entrusted to perform a wide variety of errands. Not only they treated and extracted teeth, they also branded slaves, operated out gallstones and hangnails, set mild bone fractures, gave enemas, and created ritual tattoos or scars. Fast forward to 2017, professional barbers are valued at the same level as any other reputable profession. Some might be fine with changing therapists, but barber, don’t even think about it.

As times progressed, barbers focused more on cosmetic aspects but one trait in particular remained unchanged- “versatility”

One such example was found in the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu. This barber will surprise you with the plethora of services he has to offer under his sleeves.


Going by the name of Mr. Thakur, he takes care of your hair and also your life choices. His services range from property dealing, rental services, abroad study and visa counseling, import and export. If you have a cash crunch, worry not, Mr. Thakur will also provide you loan and mortgage solutions. If you wish to sue him for the wrong haircut, or thinking of a divorce; worry not, he will also provide you with legal counseling. What surprised me was his portfolio having IT Solutions too. Can’t wait to meet him and discuss my next Python project.

No doubt that the modern barber is multi talented. Not only do they deliver a great service while keeping us entertained; they are also a great source for content, provided their amiable storytelling abilities.

Here’s a video depicting the relationship between a human and its barber.




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