Natural Lawnmower: How Specially Trained Goats are saving Canada

Once grasses and unwanted weed starts growing in an empty unused land than it becomes hard for anything else to grow.

As much as greenery feels beautiful to look at, it’s a hassle trying to take care of it.

Because let’s face it, you want your lawn to be properly managed so it could make your house appear more attractive.

However, when it comes to managing it, you skip it entirely, or rather give the task to someone else, because mowing a lawn is such an exhausting chore.

And what if the land filled with grass is bigger than your whole community? You’d probably just stop thinking about it right?

To tell you the truth, growing grass fields and unnecessarily growing weeds are real troublemakers.

Once grasses and unwanted weed starts growing in an empty unused land than it becomes hard for anything else to grow.

And this is exactly the problem Canadian land and people are facing for years.

The Rundle Park of Edmonton, Canada was covered with tall grasses and weeds that took over the whole area making it almost impossible for anything else to grow.

specially trained goats rundle park

The quantity of grass was so much that it was impossible for a mechanical lawn mower to work.

So, the government decided to do something about it. But what could’ve been done to remove such a huge amount of grass and maintain the field?

Then, in their minds, came an idea that literally saved Rundle Park. The idea was to use goats as lawnmowers.

Goats are perfect animals that can be used to clear out fields filled with grass and weed. They are in fact, a natural lawn mower.

In the Rundle Park, Edmonton, the specially trained goats have the ability to roam across the terrain that the lawn mowers can’t reach.

These goats get to feed on plants that would normally be poisonous to other animals.

How do they do it?

They consume the seed-producing parts of the plants and use their guts to destroy almost 98 percent of the weed’s seeds making space for other natural species to develop.

The manure of these goats is a natural fertilizer and their digestive system makes the seeds they consume infertile. This stops the germination of the seeds.

Back in 2015, Edmonton passed a law to reduce the utilization of herbicides. And this is where the specially trained goats come into action, as they are the natural alternative.

Goats are a better choice as they are browsers. They roam around while eating grass whereas cows and sheep stand and graze.

specially trained goats rundle park

The goats in Rundle Park are released three times in a year and they can stay there for several days.

But these goats aren’t left alone. They are looked after by a shepherd and several sheepdogs.

But Canada isn’t the only country using specially trained goats to mow their grassy fields.

Portugal uses specially trained goats to clear land to prevent wildfires as they help land creating natural fire barriers.

Even in many parts of the United States, thousands of people are using goats to trim their lawns.

So, should the whole world start training and using goats to remove the heavy grass and unwanted weeds?

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