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North and South Korea Starts Removing Mines at DMZ

South Korea has already started demining the area in hopes that the North does the same.

After decades of feud the South Korean troops are working on taking out mines on the southern parts of Panmunjom’s Joint Security Area and the alleged “Arrow Head Hill,” where one of the fiercest fights amid the Korean War occurred.

Seoul authorities trust the remaining parts of around 300 U.N. and South Korean forces are in the Arrow Head Hill and likely numerous Chinese and North Korean remains as well.

South Korean Defense Ministry authorities said they couldn’t quickly affirm whether North Korea additionally started demining on the northern parts of the two locales.

Be that as it may, they said they anticipated that the North would comply with the tension-easing deal their chiefs struck on the sidelines of their summit a month ago in Pyongyang.

South and North Korean Leaders.

Intending to lessen regular military dangers, the Koreas’ defense chiefs additionally consented to pull back 11 frontline guard posts by December and set up support zones along their territory and ocean limits and a no-fly zone over the borderline to avert any accidental conflicts.

Around 2 million mines are supposedly peppered inside the Koreas’ 248-kilometer (155-mile) Demilitarized Zone that was initially made as a cradle zone toward the end of the Korean War.

The DMZ is the world’s most heavily fortified border that is likewise protected by a huge number of battle troops, security barriers and tank traps on the two sides.

Numerous specialists say the destiny of the Korean deal can be influenced by how nuclear negotiations would go between the United States and North Korea. Past rapprochement attempts were regularly slowed down after a worldwide standoff over North Korea’s nuclear desire increased.

South and North Korean Leaders

After a provocative trial of three intercontinental ballistic rockets and a ground-breaking atomic weapon a year ago, North Korea entered chats with the United States and South Korea not long ago, saying it will bargain away its growing nuclear arsenal.

Kim Jong Un has in this manner held a progression of summits with U.S., South Korean and Chinese leader and made a few strides like destroying his nuclear testing site.

Atomic strategy later came to a halt in the midst of arguments about how certified North Korea is about its demilitarization promise.

In any case, Trump, Pompeo, and different U.S. authorities have as of late revealed advancement in the denuclearization exchanges with the North. Pompeo is to make his third visit to North Korea soon for talks.

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