Here’s How You Make Your Outfits Look Expensive

doesn’t mean that you need to break your bank trying to own Guccis and Fendis.


Dressing right is the key to making a good impression, especially for adults. Whether you’re going out on a blind date or for an interview, it definitely is a plus point if you’re outfit is on fleek.

That, however, doesn’t mean that you need to break your bank trying to own Guccis and Fendis.

Here are 10 ways to make your cheap outfits look expensive.

1. Steam Your Clothes.

Wrinkles are the biggest enemy that makes even your priciest outfit look cheap. And the first thing in your mind is we can always iron the wrinkles out. But rather use a steamer for smoothening out your wrinkled clothes.

All fabrics aren’t iron friendly, so opting for a steamer is a great idea to keep your clothes intact and achieving that expensive look.

2. Get Your Outfit Tailored.

Instead of buying random clothes just because they fit you, try tailoring your clothes. Tailored clothes give out the vibe that you really know how to dress even though you might not be a professional stylist.

And if you’re one of those who loves thrift clothes, this trick is even better for you as you can create something so great out of the ordinary.

3. Get a Statement Bag.

It doesn’t matter how trashy your outfit is if you’re accessorizing it with a statement bag. Trust me, bags make a huge difference while putting an outfit together.

Get a chic tote, a satchel or even a hobo or crescent bags to complete your look. Make sure you keep it clean and shiny always.

4. Match Your Shoes With Your Bag.

Matching the color of your shoes with your bag is a great way to uplift your outfit. This gives your ensemble a chic look and gives the impression that you’re dressed for the occasion.

And if you don’t own a thousand shoes in every color on the color-wheel, opt for black.

5. Dress Monochromatically.

Dressing all blacks or whites is so 10 years ago. If you want to elevate your style and look chic, dress monochromatically, especially in nudes.

Don’t worry if you think you can’t rock nude colors. There are different shades of nudes that goes with any skin color. So if you’re on the lighter side or the darker, there is definitely a shade of nude you can rock without a doubt.

6. Keep the Accessories To a Minimum.

We might have heard that accessorizing your outfits can lift it up instantly. But over-accessorizing it can ruin even the best of looks.

Keep your accessories to a minimum. Invest in some statement accessories like gold/platinum pendants, statement earrings, sleek bracelets or watches. And also a killer shade that frames your face-shape is always preferable.

7. Layer with a Statement Coat.

Layering a nicely tailored blazer, a classic trench coat, or even biker jackets can make your outfit go from 0 to 100 real quick (you see what we did there).

Layering your outfits can go so wrong if you don’t do it the right way. So get some inspirations from your favorite celebs or watch videos online and you can master the art too.

8. Dress up your Denim.

Jeans is something that never ever goes wrong or out of style. But whenever we see someone disrespecting denim, it honestly hurts our soul.

In order to make it look put together, dress up your basic denim. Throw in that statement blazer you own and put on a great pair of heels, accessorize it minimally with a chic tote and you are good to go.

9. Mix and Match Patterns.

Mix and match patterns but only the colors that fall under the same spectrum. But don’t try to take it too far with the prints.

And when in doubt, go for the leopard print which never goes out of fashion. Well, it hasn’t till date.

10. Keep Your Hair Sleek and Your Makeup Minimal.

You’re not competing in a drag race so try to keep your makeup as minimal as possible. Go for a natural no-makeup-makeup look most of the times. And the best way to look chic is putting on a red lipstick. This will lift up your entire look.

And as for the hair, try to keep it simple with a minimal amount of styling. A sleek pony-tail or a crisp middle partition will make you look so much better.



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