Paradoxes that would make your head spin

What came first? The chicken or the egg? This paradox had baffled humans for decades. Here are some other mindboggling paradoxes.

The Ship of Theseus Paradoxhqdefault


Imagine you have a ship made up of 100 wooden planks. Everyday you take one plank off and replace it with another plank, storing the old planks in a safe place. After 100 days, the ship would have completely different sets of wodden planks , but it still reamins the same ship. Now the paradox lies in the situation that if you make another ship with the 100 old planks that you stored, which ship is the original ship?

The Omnipotence Paradoxhqdefault (1)God is defined as an omnipotent being (something that has unlimited power). Lets say you  ask God to make a rock so heavy that it cannot be lifted by God himself. Being omnipotent, he must be able to ceate such a rock but if God really has unlimited power then he must be able to lift the same rock he created.

The Surprise Hanging ParadoxGallows_(PSF)


An executioner tells a prisoner that he will be sentenced to death someday this week on a weekday, but the day will remain a surprise. The prisoner reckons that the execution cannot take place on a Friday because if the execution has not happend till Thursday then the execution on Friday is not a surprise. He then realizes that the execution cannot take place on a Thursday because Friday has already cancelled out,and if the execution has not occured by Wednesday then Thursday isn’t a suprise as well. He then cancels out Wednesday too using the same logic as for Thursday. The paradox goes on until he cannot be truly executed by surprise on any day of the week.

The Grandfather Paradox


The Grandfather Paradox uses the hypothetical concept of time travel. If a scientist travels in the past and kills his grandfather before he was married to his grandmother, it means that the scientist wouldn’t have been born in the first place, let alone be able to travel through time. But if his grandfather is alive then the scientist will indeed be born and travel through time to kill his grandfather. But if he kills his grandfather then he wont exist to for this to happen.

The Epimenides Paradox350px-Epimenides_Type_Homer


Also known as the liar’s paradox, this paradox can be explained using the sentence “This sentence is false”. If the sentence really is false then what it is saying must be true. But if the sentence is true then the sentence cannot really be false which in turn makes it false.

The Paradox of the Courtmain-qimg-ae8bb66f9f836d7cc99b3b201f30d984


Protagoras of Greece told his law pupils that they need only pay him the class fees if they win their first case. Euathlus, a pupil of Protagoras, decided he didnt want to have a profession in law. Protagoras demanded Euathlus to pay him the amount he owned and sued him. If Euathlus won the case, according to the courts law, he wouldn’t have to pay. But according to the original contract with his teacher, he would have to pay because he would’ve won his first case. But if he lost the case, according to the court, he’d have to pay his teacher. However, due to the class contract he wouldn’t have to pay his teacher because he had just lost his first case.

Unstoppable Force Paradoxirresistible_force_vs_immovable_object_avengers_display_large_preview_featured


What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? This can be best illustrated by the example of an indestrucable shield, and a spear that can pierce into anything. If the shield is indestructable then the spear cannot pierce it. But if the spear really is poweful enough to pierce through anything, then it must be able to destroy the shield.

The Crocodile Paradox


A mother and her child were enjoying time near a lake when a crocodile snatches the child. The mother begs the crocodile to relenquish the child. The cocodile tells the mother that she needs to guess whether it plans to keep the child or not. Then, he will release the child if her statement is correct. The paradox arises when the mother guesses that the crocodile WON’T give the child back. If she’s true, the crocodile cannot give the child back because if he does, her guess was not true to begin with. If the mother was false, then the crocodile has to keep the child although it didn’t originally plan to.


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