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Parents deny killing their daughter : Wolverhampton murder mystery

Earlier in the proceedings the jurors had heard that Mr Valantinas' semen had been found on the underwear Viktorija.

A 14-year-old girl was found raped and murdered by her own mother and stepfather. They disposed her body off in a Wolverhampton park.

A trail was held based on this case. They denied their involvement in the murder and said they had nothing to do with her death.

Viktorija Sokolova was only partially clothed when she was found in the park. Her body was discovered on a bench by a dog walker. The body was found in West Park during the month of April.

Both Karolina Valantiniene and Saidas Valantinas seem to have been equally guilty of being involved in the crime. But they have been refusing charges claimed by the defence in court. They said that their involvement is apparently “bullshit” and “nonsense”.

A 16-year-old boy was also under suspicion of being the rapper and killer of Viktorija. However, he denies it.

Earlier in the proceedings the jurors had heard that Mr Valantinas’ semen had been found on the underwear Viktorija.

She was wearing the same underwear when she was attacked.

He refused this claim by being aggressive. He told the jurors that he had no idea how his DNA came to be on her piece of clothing.

The accused teenager also had an attorney named Adam Kane QC. He asked Mr Valantinas: “Is the real reason why your DNA is disposed as it is, on Viktorija’s knickers, because you found her in the park and that you sexually assaulted her?”

With great fury Mr Valantinas replied: “This is nonsense, I deny this completely.”

Mrs. Valantiniene had similar response as well while she was protecting her husband.

The forensic lab told the court that the chances of the DNA found not being that of the accused were very contradicting. It could be one billion to one.

Mrs. Fergus a juror said she was unable to assist the jury. She couldn’t decide if the sex was consensual or not. she couldn’t decide if it had taken place before or after Viktorija was died.

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