Why people can’t stop watching ASMR videos!

There are about 5.2 million ASMR related videos on the internet and the demands are increasing by as much as 200% per year since 2015.

There was a time when people would line up before the television everyday at the same time to watch their favorite series. These days, You Tube has replaced the need to watch television as more and more videos are made available on the site. Many of us find ourselves going back to YouTube at frequent intervals and spend most of our free time surfing through the videos available.

YouTube is the second most used site in the world and has uncountable varieties of videos. Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day.These range from educational videos to entertainment videos, among which popularity of ASMR videos are rapidly increasing.

ASMR is the short form of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which gives the person a feeling of well-being along with a tingling sensation in the scalp and back of the neck. ASMR videos are gaining popularity on YouTube across the world. There is a rise in ASMR eating videos worldwide, following the trend of Mukbang in South Korea.

Mukbang is the name for “public eating” where people consume a huge amount of food while going live on the internet. The hosts are mostly known for consuming enormous portions of food in one seating, and sharing their experience with the audience. The audiences join the broadcast and can comment about the experience of watching someone eat such huge portions of food.

Popular ASMR hosts have upwards of half a million followers and receive compensation from the followers for hosting the show. Mukbang shows are also known as “social eating” and are said to help single people enjoy the company of each other at dinner through internet. Usually audiences send dollar stickers available on the site as a ton of support. These stickers can be cashed and converted into money by the hosts of the show.

In ASMR eating videos, the hosts record the sound of themselves eating various food items to produce differing sounds. There are about 5.2 million ASMR related videos on the internet and the demands are increasing by as much as 200% per year since 2015. Hosts might or might not make comments during the video, but people are very interested in what sounds are produced while eating certain food items.

While there are people who can’t stand the sound of people eating food loudly, there is an opposite group of people who can’t get enough of the sound. They spend their days listening to ASMR videos, citing that the sound helps them to release stress and pressure. Once a person gets into the habit of listening to these videos, they can’t stop watching them. Here’s why!

ASMR videos produces a tingling feeling on the scalp and back of the neck. These tingles can be stimulated using different triggers such as whispering sounds, paper cutting sounds, brushing hair, cutting fruits or slurping sounds. These sounds produce such sensations in the brain that it can produce deep pleasures, often described as brain orgasm.

Usually people indulge in these videos as a distraction from stress or things that are bothering them. This is why ASMR related topics are the most searched items at 10.30 pm at night, regardless of time zones. It is the time when people unwind for the night and hence, search for things to relax their nerves: ASMR!

After a certain period of exposure to these stimuli, the brain might either get desensitized to these sounds or get addicted to the feeling of pleasure they provide. Those who get addicted look for reasons to indulge in such videos and can’t stop watching the videos to a point that their daily lives get affected.




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