Periscope Glasses: See Over Tall People in Concerts

Dominic Wilcox has created the'One Foot Taller' eyeglasses, which are basically a set of periscope glasses that permit you to view over the heads of people before you.

In the event you have ever attended a gig or festival just to discover that a few 6’7 blokes are stood right in front of you, then 1 inventor may only be able to solve all of your issues. Bam! Periscope glasses.

The glasses include one foot (or 30.5cm) to the wearer’s regular eye-level – and I am honestly torn between hammering them as a genius or a joke, perhaps they are both.

Discussing the inspiration behind his specs, Wilcox stated: “I had been standing in a gig and turned to find a little woman dance off but not able to find the group. This gave me the inspiration to look a means for individuals to see over barriers like tall people like me.

“It works nicely, though dance with it might be challenging!”

That’s ok, partner, I am too cool to dance anyhow.

He created the eyeglasses with a sheet of mirrored acrylic with a 45-degree flex, to guarantee the more compact mirror may reflect the bigger mirror, that faces outwards, providing them wears them a much better perspective.

The glasses were created after Microsoft Surface contested inventors to develop excellent solutions’ for’regular problems’ for an exhibition in London.

And Wilcox certainly fulfilled the short there, did not he?

Inventor Dominic Wilcox says that he created the idea after seeing a girl struggling to find the band in a gig.

Talking to the mirror about his driveway to devise, Wilcox explained: “Many people today get their excitement from bungee jumping or scoring a winning goal at Wembley, but I get mine out of finding creative thoughts.

“Creativity is significant because the planet has many difficulties and challenges, and we want a good deal more people with innovative solutions to fix them.

“I believe that everybody can become more inventive and boost their capacity to develop new ideas.

“Creativity is simply a specific way of thinking that may be learned and practiced like any other ability.”

He added: “A number of my thoughts develop from observations on individual behavior and I communicate them through the items I create.

“I also experimentation with substances to attempt and locate surprises that can not be found by simply believing with a pencil or a computer.”

That’s fair enough – having said that, I am still not 100 per cent convinced I fancy rocking some of them the second time that I go to a gig.


Image Credit: Dominic Wilcox

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