A Person’s Genes Influence The Possibility Of Divorce According To Science

Divorces have always been a major subject for studies. It is a known phenomenon and many go through it. But it has always been a big question whether divorces are generic.


A research conducted by Dr. Jessica Salvatore and Dr. Kenneth Kendler of the Virginia Institute of Psychiatric and Behavioural Genetics shows that a person’s genes play a major role in divorces.

The study was based on the database from the Swedish national registries that store information about all Swedish residents on their sex, date of birth, marital status, education, criminal activity, and alcohol abuse. Apart from this, they also contain information about both the biological and the adoptive parents of the adopted children.


The research showed that the biological children of the parents who previously got divorced are more likely to get divorced than the adopted children. The analysis showed that they were 20% more likely to get divorced if their biological parents had split up but same is not the case if their adoptive parents had separated.

The study conducted among the biological and adoptive siblings brought up in the same household also showed similar results. Further study revealed that if one biological sibling divorces, it is 20% more likely that the others will also end up divorced. But this is not the case with adoptive siblings.

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