Prominent Hollywood A-Listers Accused of Sexual Harassment

Hollywood can be pretty fascinating to regular people like you and me, but it has its fair share of rumors and speculations that can be a little too hard to handle. From work to personal lives, the life of the celebrities become public the moment they choose Hollywood. And the latest buzz that has been going around is the case of sexual harassment and misconduct accusations filed against some A-List Hollywood Celebrities.

After the renowned Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women including Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cara Delevingne, and Ashley Judd just to name a few, the stories of a bunch of other high-profile Hollywood celebrities have come forward, and it is not looking pretty for them.

Here is a list of 10 Hollywood A-Listers who’s cases have been brought to public eye since October 2017.

1. Kevin Spacey :


Actor Kevin Spacey is accused of sexual assault of multiple men and misconduct with a minor. Since the story broke on October 29, 2017, the actor is suspended from the television series “House of Cards” where he was the lead and also cut from many other projects.


2. Terry Richardson :


Fashion and Portrait Photographer Terry Richardson has been in the industry more than a decade and is known for his punk aesthetic style. The photographer is accused of sexually exploiting models during photo shoots for which he is banned from working with Conde Nast. Despite the accusations, he continues receiving work from prestigious fashion brands and magazines.

3. Ken Baker :


Ken Baker has been in the entertainment industry for more than a decade and currently serves as the senior correspondent for E! News. The journalist and the former Ice Hockey player is accused of sexual harassment of two women including inappropriate messages and unwanted kissing. For the time being, while the investigations are going on, Baker is pulled from the air.

4. Andy Dick :


Actor and comedian Andy Dick is accused of sexual harassment and groping for which he is fired from his recent films. Responding on the subject, he said “I didn’t grope anybody. I might have kissed somebody on the cheek to say goodbye and then licked them. … I’m not trying to sexually harass people.”

5. Brett Ratner :


The director of films such as Rush Hour film series, and X-Men: The Last Stand and producer of TV series like Prison Break and Horrible Bosses, Brett Ratner is accused of sexual assault, rape, and harassment of six women, including masturbating, and exposing himself. After the story broke down, he stepped away from any activities related to Warner Bros.

6. Ed Westwick :


The English actor popular for his role in Gossip Girl as Chuck Bass is accused of raping two women. Due to the allegations, his upcoming TV shows are postponed as the LAPD investigates further. So it’s not just Jenny Humphrey eh?

7. Louis C.K. :


The American-Mexican comedian considered one of the funniest men in the industry, Louis C.K is accused of sexual misconduct including exposing himself and masturbating. He has accepted his actions for which FX and other media companies cut ties with him and his movie and comedy special canceled.

8. Eddie Berganza :


The former executive editor and group editor of DC Comics, Eddie Berganza is accused of sexual harassment including forcibly kissing women and groping. As a result, DC has terminated his employment.

9. Andrew Kreisberg :


The executive producers of TV series such as “Super Girl,” “The Flash,” and “Arrow,” Andrew Kreisberg is accused of sexual harassment of more than a dozen people. The investigations are going on, and Warner Bros. TV Group suspended him.

10. Harvey Weinstein :


And finally, the man who is responsible for this whole story to blow up, Harvey Weinstein. The Hollywood producer and the co-founder of the Weinstein Company is accused of sexual assault and harassment of dozens of women and raping three women. The accusation includes masturbating, unwelcome touching and exposing himself. As a result, he is let go from his own company and also expelled from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.



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