Public Places You Might Try Hooking Up in

A majority of the sexually active bunch of people are getting it on behind four walls in their bedrooms. They might fancy trying out all kinds of positions jotted down in the book of Kama Sutra. They might fancy using sex toys, hooking up with multiple people at a time, or even doing certain things (BDSM) that are considered taboo by the society in the privacy of their locked up rooms.

A majority of the sexually active bunch of people are also fantasizing about getting it on beyond the four walls outside their bedrooms. Most men admit fantasizing about trying sex in public places. In an attempt to spice up their bedroom rituals, they decided that leaving the bedroom altogether would be a nice idea. Women, too, seem to have a liking towards public sex but are more cautious about getting caught or embarrassed by other people.

While engaging in public sex does not mean that you should start taking off your clothes and hooking up in the middle of a busy street, it does mean that you are within the reach of other people during the act. The thrill of getting caught gives couples the adrenaline rush which helps to lift the bedroom boredom, especially for long-term couples.

Here are ten best public places you might try hooking up in.

Public Parks

Public Parks in the dark after hours of the day seem to be the best spot for couples to get it on in public. The park benches give you a sturdy support and you might take a blanket with you to cover yourselves in case you fear someone is approaching. Do not, however, engage in the act if families and children are nearby. It is not wise to traumatize innocent people just to get a little bit of thrill out of public sex.

In a car

Trying some steamy acts in the cramped up back seat of a car gives couples a high adrenaline rush. If your windows are tinted, the act can feel more private than if your windows are not tinted. Nevertheless, the risk of other people, especially police, catching you in the mischief gives you the thrill you are looking for. Make sure that you park in either an empty parking lot, in a closed construction site or near deserted beaches to get yourselves some more privacy.

On the beach

The beach has been a popular spot among couples wanting to try public sex. As people usually visit the beach with minimal clothing, it makes the task easier. In the late hours of the evening, the beach can give you a nice thrill along with providing you an immediate hiding place in the waves and surfs. This spot, though, comes with a lot of sand getting in a lot of places and it can get messy (plus itchy) pretty quickly.

Public restrooms

The idea of getting it on in a public restroom turns many people on. You can sneak into the restroom with your partner, lock yourself in a stall and use a few minutes to help yourselves. This is not possible in all public restrooms and it would be very dumb of you to try it in restrooms at a friend’s, handicapped restrooms or restrooms with people in line. Don’t get so hooked up on trying public sex that you become a public nuisance.

Dressing rooms

Dressing rooms in public malls can give you the rush of trying sex in public, while giving you the privacy of a room. While shopping in a mall, sneak your partner into the dressing stalls and get it on. You can feel the presence of people in your vicinity but can be assured that little to no people can see you, unless they are peeping deliberately. The worst that can happen is that some people figure out what is happening (if you are loud) and kick you out of the shop. Not much of a big deal!

In a movie theater

The dark back rows of a movie theater can make up for a nice place to get freaky in public. Although the armrest position can make it difficult to engage in the act, the thrill of getting it on while seated among that many people is considered to be worth the risk by many. The best bet would be to find a late night show with empty back rows or to engage only in foreplay while making minimal noise so that other people do not notice what you are doing.

On the roof or the balcony

The openness that a roof or balcony provides you can be very thrilling if you are looking to spice up your sex life. From the balcony or roof, you can enjoy your time with your partner while also enjoying the outside view. If the roof/ balcony has proper balustrade, there is little chance of other people seeing what goes on down the waist. While being in the open and at your own home, this is a mix of safe and risky move that you could try.

At work

If you have a partner at work, trying to hook up in a work setting could be the most thrilling experience for you. If you are willing to risk your career for a few short minutes of cheap thrill and pleasure, this is what you should attempt. Make sure that you engage in the act with your partner and not with anyone else. In the restroom or the top floor staircases, early in the morning or late at evening, when the crowd of people at work is the smallest would be the best bet for you.

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