Robert DeJesus: Turning People from Real Life to Anime Characters

He turns your simple, quite boring everyday picture into something interesting and mind-boggling.

Do you ever wonder how would you look like if you turn into a cartoon or comic character from what you look like in real life out of the blue?

It’s already a blessing to know how to draw and when you can turn yourself from a regular human being to a comic character, what more can you ask for?

And this is exactly what one artist has been doing for quite a long time now.

Robert DeJesus, an artist, and illustrator do exactly that.

He turns your simple, quite boring everyday picture into something interesting and mind-boggling. He turns the pictures of everyday people into comic characters and anime versions of themselves.

Not just people, he also turns the photos of people with their pets, stuffed toys, and other animals into characters from Anime and Manga.

I got into drawing and Anime during high school. Dr. Slump and Akira were my very first manga I owned and collected,” said DeJesus in an interview.

Who is Robert DeJesus?

Apart from being a long, long, long time fan of Manga and anime, probably since the 70s, DeJesus is also an illustrator, animator, and writer.

He runs an art company called Studio Capsule with his beloved wife Emily.

Sketches from February 2014. #throwbackthursday #tbt❤️ #tbthursday

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He is a well-renowned artist who has worked with numerous companies throughout his career including PlayStation Magazine, Marvel Studios, Hasbro, 989 Studios, Guitar World Magazine, Radio Comix, Anime Central, etc.

And currently, he’s been juggling a lot of his personal projects as well as commercial works.

So if you’re interested in seeing yourself as a comic character, you better get that check ready as he does not accept free requests due to a heavy schedule.

But if you think you can pay the artist for all his hard work, than he is ready to turn you into anime, an idea that came to his mind a while back and has since been following.

The idea hit me while at one convention,” said DeJesus in an interview with Bored Panda. “The official convention badges they wore reminded me of drivers licenses and thought why not make a mock license and draw the owner as a Chibi character in the spot where their photo would normally go.

But DeJesus has some strict ground rules when it comes to his art and creation.

He does appreciate the thought and love people show him on a daily basis but as an artist, there is a certain level of self-respect that one has to follow which is why he doesn’t accept free requests, collaborations, portfolio reviews, art lessons, guidance, recommendations, and private tutoring any more.

To view more of his creation and follow him, here is the link to his Instagram account where he posts all the photos of his art work.


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