10 Royal Wedding Fails You Never Knew

we can’t say that royal weddings are always smooth and are over without any disasters.

With another and one of the most anticipated royal weddings happening in just a few days, we wonder if it will go as smoothly as planned.

Royal weddings are as exciting for us as it is for the Royals. But we can’t say that royal weddings are always smooth and are over without any disasters.

Here are 10 royal wedding fails you never knew.

1. Queen Elizabeth’s tiara broke on the morning of her wedding.

It originally made for Queen Mary in 1919. But the famous fringe tiara broke the morning of the wedding in the hands of Queen Elizabeth II’s hairdresser.

2. Princess Diana had a terrible headache throughout the wedding.

The tiara she was wearing gave her headache during the entire ceremony. As soon as she took it off at a private party, she was relieved.

3. Prince Charles screwed up his wedding vows.

The prince mistakenly promised to give his wife “thy goods” instead of his “worldly goods”.

4. Princess Diana called her new consort by the wrong name.

She called him “Philip Charles Arthur George” instead of calling him “Charles Philip”.

5. Princess Diana’s wedding dress was wrinkled.

The fabric of the dress was not suited for her travels to the wedding. It wrinkled after it was stuffed into the carriage.

6. Diana’s bridesmaid tripped and cried at the wedding.

The 5-year-old bridesmaid tripped on her dress and started crying.

7. Prince William was sleep-deprived on his wedding.

He barely had any time to sleep and only slept for 30 minutes before the wedding.

8. Prince William had trouble getting Kate’s ring on her finger.

He didn’t want a ring but the princess did. But the ring was adjusted a little smaller than Kate’s finger making it difficult to slide off.

9. A horse threw its rider during William and Kate’s wedding.

One of the horses got frightened during the ceremony. While riding to the Buckingham Palace, the horse panicked, threw the rider and ran away. Fortunately not harming anybody.

10. William and Kate’s famous kiss was photobombed.

Lady Louise, the daughter of Prince Edward and Sophie Countess of Essex and one of the bridesmaid was pictured closing her ears and irritated while the picture was taken.


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