Samsung Phones are Automatically Sending Random Photos to Other People

Samsung Phones are facing a problem where the devices have been sending random pictures to the contacts saved on the phone

According to reports, Samsung phones are spontaneously sending random photos to other people from the concerned person’s contact list.

The officials of Samsung say that they are investigating the issue. They are speculating that it may have been caused by an update to the texting app Samsung Messages.

This complaint has been put forward by a lot of users through Reddit and the official Samsung Forum. Even the owners of the late model devices like Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S9 have been affected.

In response to the user reports, the problem stems from the default texting app on Galaxy devices. The Samsung Messages is sending pictures stored on the devices to random contacts via SMS.

The situation gets even worse when the device sends an entire photo gallery to a random contact. This was what one user had to say when the pictures from his phone got sent to one of his contacts at the middle of the night.

Lucky for the user that those pictures got sent to one of the person that he comfortably knew, otherwise, things would have gotten a bit inappropriate.

For instance, if the pictures would have been sent to a business partner or a teacher or even a boss, then they would be fully exposed to the private life of the user.

The appalling aspect to this is the fact that when this app sends these random pictures to other contacts, it does not leave evidence. The app does not show the users that the pictures have been sent, hence the users have no idea whatsoever about the pictures that have been sent.

The only time they get to know about the sent pictures is when the recipient informs the user about the random photos.

Many complaints posted online are from the people who are T-Mobile customers who had recently updated the Samsung messages.

The evoking theory states that this issue might have been triggered by a weird interaction between Samsung Messages and recent RCS profile updates that have rolled on the carrier’s including T-Mobile.

The goal of RCS (Rich Communication Service) is to enhance the outdated SMS protocol with new features like better media sharing, typing indicators and read receipts.

Now, in order to rectify the situation Samsung has come up with two fixes.

The first is to go into the phone’s app settings and revoke Samsung Message’s ability to access storage. Until the issue does not get completely resolved, this will prevent messages from sending photos or anything else stored in the device to other people.

Another option is to switch to a different texting app like Android Messages or Texta. These alternatives do not seem to be affected by the plague until now.

Samsung has also provided the platform to inform them if further problem arises because of the app. They have encouraged users to contact directly to the officials of Samsung at 1-800-Samsung.

For now, Samsung owners can revoke Samsung Message’s permission to access storage to avoid the app from sending their files out in the open.


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