Sex Myths People Still Believe

Sex is a hard topic to wrap your head around. There are so many things people should know before you start fooling around. There are so many things that can go wrong if you’re not cautious. But there are also things that are a total hoax yet exists because people believe in them.

Here are a few crazy myths people believe about sex that are clearly not true.

You can’t get pregnant if you’re on your period.

If you think you’re on your period so it’s perfectly safe for you to get down and dirty and not worry about the seed getting fertilized inside you, you must be living in a world of your own. Women aged 15 to 50 usually don’t have a day off when it comes to getting pregnant if you had sex that is. Sperm can live in the vagina for up to five days and a good egg released during ovulation can survive for about four to five days. And if the sperm is healthy enough, there is no problem for it to get fertilized even after up to four days after copulation. So get your facts right and take safety measurements before doing anything.

Every woman can experience orgasm through intercourse.

Either you watch too much Hollywood films/adult films or you’re just being ignorant if you believe every woman can experience orgasm through intercourse. Because they clearly don’t. The number of women experiencing it is very low, about 20%-30%. So if you want to pleasure your woman, maybe do a little research beforehand and also get to know her better because communication is the key.

All orgasms feel the same.


Again the same thing repeats here if you believe that all orgasms feel the same. Watch porn much? Every person is different and unique and the feeling they get is different and unique as well. Same goes for how one feels during the climax, it’s totally different for everybody. So don’t worry if when you’re climaxing it doesn’t feel like fireworks exploding down there (in a good way) because it’s not same for everyone.

Having sex increases your chances of a heart attack.

Who said you can’t have fun even if you are weak in the heart (literally). There is a myth people believe that having sex increases your chances of a heart attack and if you’re a heart patient, you should probably avoid it or slow it down. Sex is in no way related to triggering strokes or heart attacks as researchers found no signs that show sex could be a risk factor for heart attacks.

Sex saves your (failing) relationship.

Oh, honey, you must be hurting really bad if you think sex is there to save your already failing relationship. Because the truth is it won’t. Yes, it might be possible that what you have is amazing and with sex, it goes beyond that point. But you don’t feel strongly about the person lying next to you or what you have is breaking into pieces minute after minute, it’s the court’s notice you need not sex.

Condoms feel terrible.

Well, if you want to have babies before becoming successful or worse, catch STIs before catching real feelings, go ahead and spread the word that condoms feel terrible and it turns what might have been a great experience painful and not so special. The thing is you might be wearing it the wrong way because you didn’t pay attention during your sex-ed classes or some insecure person said it and now it’s the only thing running on your mind. Relax, get comfortable, and use condoms, please use condoms.

Pulling out is safe.

Only if I get a penny every time I hear someone say “pulling out is safe.” Safe for what exactly? Because you should know, you can still get pregnant even if he pulls out because there are still sperms there even if he’s not finished. And no, it’s not a proper method of birth control and it definitely doesn’t save you from STDs.

If you’re aroused enough, you don’t need lubricants.

Yes, you need lubricants whenever and “I am aroused enough” is not a valid excuse to not using it. It saves you from a lot of pain and can make the experience even better than you might’ve imagined.

If you pee before sex, you reduce the chance of STIs.

Actually, peeing before sex is the leading cause of urinary tract infection (UTI), which is very common with women in their 20s. Peeing before sex releases the bacteria that can get pushed into urethra that will cause UTI. But by not urinating, the bacteria is stored in the bladder. So it’s better to pee after sex to save yourselves from UTIs than before the action happens.

Size matters when it comes to satisfaction.

The age-old argument of whether the size matters to women or is it just a myth. The truth is it doesn’t. Because scientifically speaking within an inch or two of the vaginal opening lies the highly sensitive areas of the vaginal canal. That means even a relatively small penis can still do the job. And satisfaction to a woman doesn’t just limit to vaginal penetration. So guys, stop worrying about the junk under the trunk and start living your life.


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