Shitty Life Hacks That NO ONE Asked For

  1. 1 Two birds, one stone


  2. 2 DIY selfie tape?


  3. 3 Turn old doll heads into lamps for your kids

    Don't Throw Out Old Doll Heads. You Can Turn Them Into Handy Night Lights For Your Kids

  4. 4 A great way to stay awake


  5. 5 You'll love the taste


  6. 6 Save money!


  7. 7 Save more space


  8. 8 It ain't stupid if it works

    If It Works It Isn't Stupid

  9. 9 If you are feeling lonely, fill rubber gloves with warm water to imitate human touch

    Fill A Rubber Glove With Warm Water And Put It On Your Hand When You Feel Lonely

  10. 10 When you are suffering from a cold, add glitter inside your nose to sneeze out glitters

    Image result for glitter sneeze

  11. 11 Cold to hot in a jiffy


  12. 12 Putting your phone inside a glass of water helps magnify the screen

    If Your Phone Screen Is Too Small, Put It In Water. It Will Magnify The Screen Up To 200%

  13. 13

    Don't Be Afraid To Use Public Bathrooms Ever Again

  14. 14 Get free meals EVERYWHERE

    Use This Simple Tip To Get Free Meals Forever

  15. 15 Tear off a strip from plastic cups to make a convenient handle

    Tear A Strip Off Of Plastic Cups To Make A Convenient Handle

Amazing paper artist

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