Signs you may have lived a past life

. People have been speculating if they are born and reborn and it has been a matter of mystery and guesswork

The idea of past life and cellular memory has been around for at least 3000 years. People have been speculating if they are born and reborn and it has been a matter of mystery and guesswork. Here are top signs signs to show that indeed you have had lived a past life:

Out- of- place memories

These memories can only seem like fantasies and incompatible but they can also suggest having connections to past life. There are cases of many young children where they have exact memory of certain incident and can accurately describe in detail about the people, events or places that they have never experienced before.

Having Strong Intuition

If you have that sixth sense to predict something that hasn’t happened yet or you are able to understand things without much explanations, chances you may have strong intuition which may have connections to the past life. People having such intuition requires certain level of wisdom which can indicate that you have learned and grown out of events that occurred in the past life. You learn from your mistakes and become wiser in this life.

Deja vu

Deja vu experience is usually triggered by a certain sound, smell, taste etc. Some think this is caused by neurological dissonance while the other believe that it reveals a past life experience. It can also be called a reflection of other dimensions a.k.a. parallel universe.

You can be an empath

Empath is someone who can absorb someone else’s energy, emotions and pain around them. If you are someone like that, you can directly experience feelings or emotions of someone else. This can be the indicating that the soul has reincarnated many times and this gives the ability to channel others emotions.

You have a feeling of Precognition

Precognition is also known as ‘future sight’ and it is an ability to know things about the future based on dreams, physical sensations and visions. This can be the indication of the soul being matured and have lived many lives.

Feeling of Retrocognition

This can be the ability of people to gain information which are not instantly available about the past, it is a great indication of having soulful reincarnation.

You are an old soul

If you feel older than you really are, chances are you have lived a past lives. The amount of times that you can reincarnated can be reflected in your energy.

Having fears or phobias

If you have certain unexplained phobias and strong fears, chances are they can be fear from your previous experiences in the past life. Some people also have the belief that we can experience the traumas in our previous life in the form of fears.

May be earth in not your real home

If you ever have the feeling of not belonging in this planet, chances are you don’t. It can be a reflection of your desire to get back to your original home or source. Souls that have reincarnated numerous times, may feel worn out and tired with this life on earth. They frequently express their desire to complete the cycle.

Ability to speak many languages

If you are able to understand and speak a language that you have had never heard before can be an indication of previous life. Many stories have been formulated based on this phenomena and many people throughout history are suddenly being able to speak different languages when they are hypnotized or when they come out of a coma.

Having birthmarks

Birthmarks can be an indication of having physical evidence of having experienced trauma in the past. If you have a large birthmark on your forehead, it can be an indication of having been shot in the head in a past life.

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