Silly things that might be causing your breakouts to worsen

What acne is needs no explanation as it has been found to be the most common skin condition in the world. Eighty five percent of all people experience at least minor acne throughout the ages between 12-24 years. Acne mostly begins when puberty hits at the age of 12 and also affects people through their adolescence and young adult life.

A problem so widespread and yet so overlooked, it has become so accepted and normalized that people now naturally expect teenagers and young adults to have a breakout here and there. But acne is a real problem that most of us deal with on a daily basis and would love to get rid of permanently. Acne can be a root cause of low self-esteem and loss of confidence as it mostly affects the sensitive skin on the face area. It is not an area we can hide under our clothes and makes people with the condition conscious about their peer opinion, leading to problems in our daily lives.

While it is true that acne can affect some people more than others, many people do not realize that they can minimize, if not entirely control, the condition of acne by taking special care of a few things that might causing the breakouts to worsen. It is advisable to visit a dermatologist for proper treatment of the condition while taking personal care to not irritate the affected area any further.

Here are a few silly things that might be causing your breakouts to worsen. If you are guilty of these, stop these immediately to lessen your acne problem and live a better life, even if just a little!

Not cleaning your phone

Most of the bacteria on our face are contracted from our phone. The young people are hung up on their phone all day and do not realize that the bacteria piled up on the phone gets transferred to their cheeks when making a call. The phone screen has all kinds of bacteria from scrolling through it with dirty hands, using it in the toilet, placing it anywhere possible and being in our back pockets.It has been found that cell phones might have more bacteria than a toilet seat. It is advisable to wipe your phone screen with an anti-bacterial wipe once a day to keep all the germs away from your skin.

Not changing pillow cases often

Our pillow cases carry a lot of bacteria from our face and hair. Not changing the pillow cases increases the bacteria count by the day and when you go back to sleep on the same pillow, you are making contact with the accumulated bacteria, which is sure to worsen the acne problems. Change your pillowcases as often as possible to reduce your risks of breaking out.

Using skin scrubs with granules

When your skin is red and flaky with breakouts, using skin scrubs with granules seems very tempting. Although it feels like granules might remove all dead cells and bacteria from the skin surface, the granules irritate the broken skin cells in acne affected area. This causes the increase in breakouts and must be avoided. Using chemical or natural exfoliators that do not require scrubbing is advisable, but not more than twice a week.

Resting your chin on your palm

At work, school and home, most of us have a habit of resting our chins on our palm, also known as computer elbow. Bringing your face in contact with your hand, which carries all kinds of germs and bacteria, might be the reason you are suffering from chin and cheek acne. As important it is to clean your face, it is more important to clean your hands to prevent or reduce breakouts. Use sanitizers throughout the day or teach yourself to keep your hands off your face.

Being the doctor

Seeing a zit pop up on your forehead or chin is temptation enough to make us to become the doctor. Popping the pimples and squeezing the pus out will not only run you a risk of leaving a scar, but might also push the bacteria deeper into the zit, making way for worse skin conditions. In case a pimple or acne pops up, it is best advised to visit a dermatologist and take medications to reduce the inflammation and skin damage.

Skipping shower after working out

Working out makes your bodies sweat and clog the pore which causes bacteria to increase in the area and cause breakouts in the skin, especially the chest and back area. In case you work out with makeup on, the mix of makeup, oil, dirt and sweat can be dangerous for the skin condition. Make sure to clean the affected area as soon as you work out, or use facial wipes to remove the built up bacteria from your face and skin if you don’t have enough time to shower.

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