Situation Of Homeless People In India

The states haven't utilized the funds that are granted to keep the situation of homeless people in India under control.

With 1.34 billion people, India falls in second place just behind China for countries with the largest population. Though economically India is one of the fastest growing countries, its poverty rate is still high.

One of the biggest problems in India in recent times is the growing state of homelessness. Homelessness is a problem that has affected the whole world, even the most developed ones. And India is no exception.

Though the situation of homeless people in India is very serious, what has the government done to tackle the problem?

What Has The Government Done?

The central government of India came up with a plan called the “National Urban Livelihoods Mission” in 2013. This mission specifies that every city in the country has to have at least one homeless shelter for every 100,000 residents.

The shelter in addition to providing a roof to the homeless also must include other facilities. It should have a hygienic kitchen, first aid, and locker facilities.

On top of that, the government also want to provide access to regular health checkups, legal aids, and medical refunds to the homeless people.

But has the plan worked yet?

Even though the plan looks promising in terms of eliminating homelessness it seems to be going anywhere. The funds that are allotted for the program is not well implemented by the states. There are still 90% of homeless people living on the streets and not getting to utilize the facilities that are said to be provided.

If we look at the state of other countries, especially developed ones, the condition of the homeless people seems far better than in India.

Comparing The Situation To Finland.

Finland, one of the European countries had a very high homelessness rate. But 10 years ago, the government came up with a plan called “Housing First” which has basically changed the face of Finland and its issues regarding homelessness.

“Housing First” provides permanent housing to the people without a roof first and foremost. Apart from that, the people that, they are given individual support services like financial counseling.

Since the implementation of the program, the population of those living in the street have decreased more than 57%. It not only provides a better living standard to the homeless but actually saves the government nearly $12,000 per person per year.

The progress made by Finland makes every other country, especially India look like they haven’t taken a single step towards eliminating homelessness and creating a better future and opportunity to the ones that are living rough and on the street.

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