Small Instruments Fit For The Traveler in You!

Being skilled in any musical instrument allows you to be more socially active and make friends more easily.

Learning an instrument gives you an edge in enjoying life ten folds, more so when you are a frequent traveler. Being skilled in any musical instrument allows you to be more socially active and make friends more easily. Specially, while travelling, it helps you bond with fellow travelers making your time together more enjoyable through music.

The problem, however, is that it is not feasible to carry around all kinds of instruments while travelling. The instruments you chose to travel with must be small and easily portable. It should be anything but a hassle to carry from one place to another. In this sense, it is better to learn instruments that are small in size if you wish to be a traveling musician.

Here are 10 small instruments fit for the traveler in you!


Often called the smaller version of a guitar, this impressive four-stringed instrument is gaining popularity among travelers. The ukulele can be used to accompany all kinds of blues and pop songs, the fortes of night-time campers. It is much smaller than the guitar in size but does not compromise on the delivery of tune and rhythm while traveling with a group of people keen on musical nights.


Among the list of most traditional instruments is the flute, a wind instrument used to accompany mostly folk songs. Originally thought to be the best accompaniment to folk dances, flute is now gaining regarding as a great instrument in most genres of music. The wooden instrument many vary in shapes and sizes, but can never be too big for your luggage. Some songs are entirely based on the flute. A flutist is often the one who steals the stage, as well as the night, all with this small instrument that fits anywhere in the backpack.


The harmonica is one of the smallest instruments available and can literally fit in your pocket. The harmonica uses your lung power to create sounds as mystical as ever. Once you become skilled at playing the harmonica, you can entertain you and your fellow travelers anytime of the day. There are limitations on how many songs you can play on the harmonica due to the keys of harp in it. However, even carrying four-five harmonicas would not be a hassle, if you wish to play a large range of songs on the go.


The Kalimba is an African instrument, more popularly known as the thumb piano. The instrument can produce very soothing sounds and creates a pleasing atmosphere wherever it is played. It is no bigger than the size of a pocket book and can be easily carried around. The instrument consists of a wooden board and metal tines, which can be plucked by he thumb to produce some amazing sounds and charm crowds of people while traveling.



The perfect instrument for impatient learners who would like to start playing some music as soon as possible, the ocarina is the instrument to pick up. The instrument is a wind instrument that is so small, you could carry it around like a necklace. It is one that uses the wind to create sounds very similar to the flute or recorder, only that it is much easier to learn and carry around.


Very similar to the flute in size and techniques, the recorder is a very cheap and portable instrument to travel with. It can be used to create music from the simplest to the most complex of forms. It is mostly preferred due to its affordability, in comparison to a flute. It is either made up of wood or plastic and can slide into the tiniest of space available in your backpack.


Spoons are probably the most unlikely of instruments, but those who actually play the spoons know how it can charm people. While it might look like you are carrying the spoons around for dinner time, the use of spoons to accompany string instruments as well as dance music is plentiful. It replaces the need for a drum by producing similar tapping sounds, when known how to use them properly.

8.Jew’s Harp

The Jew’s Harp is the smallest of instruments and you are sure to surprise people with the wide variety of sounds that can be produce using a bent piece of iron. This instrument is fits anywhere and works everywhere. It requires much less maintenance than other instruments and doesn’t break easily.The instrument surprises people because most people in the world have never been introduced to it.


A fusion of the guitar and the ukulele, the guitalele is smaller than the guitar but consists of six-strings. This gives the instrument player a greater range of chords and songs to play with, while not having to worry about carrying a whole guitar around while traveling. These are also available in acoustic as well as semi-acoustic versions, to help you put up a performance for a large crowd on the go.


Considered one of the most amazing woodwind instruments in the world, this is the instrument that will help you put on a one-man show on the road while traveling. It is most popular in playing in the classical and jazz music genres, which captures a lot of attention even today. Although it is not very small, it is manageable. It is the perfect instrument to play in closed venues, bars and the streets. All you need is the clarinet and some lung power, and you are set to charm all the people in the crowd!




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