Solemn human activities destroying the environment

It is no secret that humans are responsible for creating large affect on our planet

It is no secret that humans are responsible for creating large affect on our planet. Even after knowing about the impacts created by people on the environment, they are still ignorant and remain to be indifferent. Here are some of the pictures that prove this fact:

1.Black Friday

People go through anything to get the thing that they want. In this picture representing Black Friday, immense amount of people are rushing to acquire more “special things.” This kind of consumerism also has had indirect and negative consequences for the planet.



Maximum amount of the world’s clothing are manufactured in Bangladesh. People just buy this products and do not think about the manufacturing plants that are required to make them and the long lasting consequences that it can have on the environment.

3.Polluted Rivers

Once the famous river, Yellow River has been producing huge amount of foul smell. Human pollution has unavoidable consequences on the natural resources and people have been running away from this river because of disgust.


4.Oil Fields

Thousands of oil pumps can be found across the landscape in the Kern River oil field in California. They run 24/7 are hugely affecting the environment.

5.Destruction of Habitats

All the trees in were cut down as a reservoir development project in Willamette National Forest in Oregon. The only thing that is left now is destruction and devastation.


Old tires can be very hard to dispose. They are all collected and kept in a giant tire heaps. In Nevada, thousands of used tires are seen stretching out for miles across what was considered to be a beautiful desert.


Diamonds are considered most precious gemstones. Humans go through a great length to mine this rare minerals and one of the biggest world’s largest mine is in Russia. Mining activities can trigger earthquake and degrade the quality of soil as well.


8.Nuclear meltdown

A tsunami hit Japan in 2011 and it resulted in nuclear power plant to have a massive meltdown. The effects to the environment from this outcome is not good as the smoke covered the entire area.


Hurricane was a devastating environment and they are getting more powerful now than ever. The frequency of these events are also seen to be increasing and this is the satellite image of Katrina right before it was about to hit and back in 2005.


Our money chasing society is crazy about poaching. There is big money in illegally hunting wild animals for their tusk, skin etc.


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