Hilariously Clever Illustrations By Spanish Artist Nacho Diaz

Spain-based illustrator Nacho Diaz started with the general ‘before and after coffee‘ ideas but soon realized that comparisons are fun and relatable. He stated looking for similarities between people and other objects and incorporating them comical images depicting the struggles of the human world.

  1. 1 Monday blues or Monday boos?

  2. 2 Oh you hate ME? F You, I hate you too.

  3. 3 Problem solved with some caffeine

  4. 4 Do you even lift bro?

  5. 5 Another apple pie, honey?

  6. 6 Do you even know what an inch is?

  7. 7 Taco sure rings a bell down there

  8. 8 Melanin? More like MelaNO!

  9. 9 Don't talk to me until I've had my coffee

  10. 10 You better exhale before you run out of breath, young lady

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