How to spend less time on your phone?

We are spending 1460 hours per year on our mobile phones, and the addiction does not seem like it will slow down anytime soon.

For a device that has not been available to the larger public for anymore than two decades, our phones are extraordinarily integrated in our lives. Mobile phone owners spend an average of 4 hours interacting on apps per day. This means that we are spending 1460 hours per year on our mobile phones, and the addiction does not seem like it will slow down anytime soon.

We are not saying that all the time spent on mobile phones and social media apps are a waste of time. Whether the hours spent on mobile phones are a waste or not depends on the purpose of such use.

If you are using your phones to connect with loved ones, to read or learn something useful, it cannot be called a waste of time. But, if you are using it to mindlessly scroll through social media for hours, then it is definitely a waste of your time. It is in fact an addiction that you must break in order to live life to the fullest with family and friends.

Couple experts describe the modern person’s relationship with mobile phones as an unhealthy one. With one ignoring all other things in the surrounding to spend time more time on the phones, it can be sensed how grave of a problem the addiction to mobile phones is. One can be so distracted by mobile phones that they forget their responsibilities and goals in life.

In order to break this addiction that leads one to forget the important things in life,one must become conscious about their overuse of the device. One must decide that they want to reduce time spent on mobiles and redirect that time towards meaningful practices such as building relationships or improving one’s skills or hobbies.

Here are 5 ways to spend less time on mobile phones!

1.Refresh your thoughts

When tackling any addiction, thinking about how much pleasure you will be losing by avoiding the substance is only going to make the process harder. Instead of thinking that you will losing pleasure time or refreshment time by reducing the amount of time spent on mobiles, you must think of how many other more productive things you can do during the time not spent on mobiles.

You can talk to your loved ones, invest in your hobbies, read new books or exercise. Indulging in these activities will make you feel more productive and help to lessen the cravings for using your phone. Eventually, you will be able to reduce the time spend on phones drastically and invest time in things better for your life.

2. Turn technology against technology

The extreme use of mobile phones has presented app developers with a new opportunity and they have created apps that help to track and limit the time spent on each app on your device. There are various downloadable apps that can nudge you put your phone down after a limited time. Time tracking apps like Moment, Quality Time and Off Time can help to track the time spent on various apps on the device. Freedom and Flipd blocks access to certain apps after a set time. Both Apple and Android phones are coming up with ways to help people reduce their time online.

3. Test-trials for separation from phones

Practice test trials for separation from mobile phones to help you break the habit eventually. Go out on a walk without your mobile phones and spend time talking to your friends when you are with them instead of being on the phone. Observe the streets while commuting back to home instead of checking emails. Make these small habits of avoiding phones as much as possible. In thee beginning the urge to use phones might be overwhelming but eventually the urge will fade away and help your addiction.

4.Use others as a cue to avoid your phone

When you see others using their phones, which you do in plenty, take it as a cue to avoid yours. When in a group, it is possibly more difficult to avoid the urge of using phones when the majority of people are using theirs. But this can be converted into a healthier habit by taking a deep breath every time you see someone else use their phones. Use others as a cue to avoid your phone and you will have control over your overuse of phones pretty soon.

5. Create speed bumps in your use of phones

It is the easiest thing in the world to say that you will only check your phone for a minute and then realize, after 25 minutes of browsing,how unprepared you were to carry out that statement into action. In order to stop these “zombie checks”, you must create a list of speed bump tasks that will force you to stop looking at your phone in frequent intervals. Put rubber bands on your phone and use lock screens that discourage you from using your phone. These will help you look up from your phone once in a while and create a habit of making a conscious choice of using your phone, when you do.

6. Get the existential perspective


Think of what you want to achieve in this life and keep on reminding yourself time and again how you could use the time spent on mobiles in achieving your goals. Remind yourself that life is mortal and no one in their deathbed would wish to have spent more time on Facebook or Instagram. Remind yourself what you would regret if you were actually near death and start working on those instead of spending time on your mobile phones.



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