Stationary For 6 Hours A Day: Story Of India’s “Statue Man”

Abdul Aziz of Chennai is known as Living Statue or The Statue Man because he can stand for hours without moving. For almost 33 years, he has not even blinked while he stands for 6 hours a day at the VGP Golden Beach Resort in Chennai. Till date, nothing and no one has been able to impede his focus.

Aziz began working at the resort as a security guard in 1984. After a visit to the UK, the owner of the resort was determined to accomplish something comparable to the royal guards outside Buckingham Palace. Aziz was one of the ten men chosen to do the job and he did not have the courage to deny his employer’s instructions. For three months, the men were made to stand in a specific pose for around four hours without eating or drinking water. Not only that, they weren’t allowed to even smile or shoo away a fly. Aziz says that the initial days in his career were tough but his intense training has helped him remain still even when someone cracks a joke.

A prize to anyone who can push his ‘move’ button

The statue man is so good at his job that the resort management announced a cash reward of Rs 10,000 to anyone who spots him flinch. Even after all these years the reward remains unclaimed. Several actors and comedians have tried their luck in making the man blink on his job. Few years back, renowned stunt director tried all kinds of capers to make him move, but failed miserably. Kannan was so impressed that he draped a currency garland over his shoulders. Women too have experimented with cheek-kisses and flirting but Aziz wouldn’t budge.

Thanks to his imperishable focus, he has become famous in countries such as Singapore and Malaysia.

Not as it seems

Standing like a statue for hours might look easy, but it is a very difficult and demanding job which takes years and years of training. Out of the many men chosen for the job, only Aziz is remaining. He too has been able to train just one lad although he initially had five trainees.

Over the years, continuous work for 6 hours without breaks has affected his health. Even the guards at the Buckingham Palace take break every 2 hours. The pay isn’t that attractive too. With three sons to look after his rs 10,000 per month salary is anything but enough. In light of such circumstances, Aziz started door to door delivery of milk to earn some extra bucks.

Aziz does not encourage his children to follow in his footsteps because the job is just too stressful and taxing on the body.

But despite all the hardship and health problems, I love my job and I am thankful to people for the love and respect, they have showered on me.

His secret?

Just like Black Panther gets his power from the heart-shaped herb, Abdul Aziz gets his energy from power yoga. Every morning he wakes up at 6 am and does yoga. He also goes for a long walk to remain active. He only eats home cooked meals and avoids junk food.

When the time comes, I want to die playing a statue

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