Studio Ghibli Movies that you need to Watch Now

Here’s a list of Studio Ghibli movies that are too good to be forgotten...

Studio Ghibli has a place in the hearts of anime lovers all around the world as the creator of movies and characters beyond beautiful. The life of an anime movie fan does not go by without knowing at least one Studio Ghibli movie by heart. Each character born and each scene rolled out of the minds of the Studio Ghibli animators is equal parts mystic and mysterious.

The movies of Studio Ghibli have a depth to its stories and detailed attention to its characters, ranging from appearance, voice and personality to attitude, which have allowed them to capture the world animated feature film market so successfully.

During its long 33 years of operation, Studio Ghibli has produced and released a long list of movies, some of which have taken years of production before they were released. Some were more successful than others, and over the period of time, some have faded from our memories.

Here’s a list of Studio Ghibli movies that are too good to be forgotten, but have unfortunately been lost in the rush of movies in the industry. Read on to know about 7 Studio Ghibli Movies that need a revival:

  1. Grave of the Fireflies

Released in 1988, the story shows the post-war struggles of a brother-sister duo that have lost their parents to the war. Life without guardians in a society with diminishing food and economic resources leads them to an ending that they cannot seem to escape from even when everything else comes to a rest.

  1. The tale of Princess Kaguya

Released pretty recently in 2013, “The tale of Princess Kaguya” is different from other Ghibli movies in the sense that it is a hand-drawn production. The story unfolds with a poor bamboo-cutter discovering a young princess in a bamboo shoot, who goes on to raise her into a real princess with his wife, only to have to part with her in her prime time. The life of the supernatural princess is shown in hand-drawn stills with immense visual beauty.

  1. Pom Poko

Released in 1992, Pom Poko is a comedy-drama movie that revolves around a community of tanuki, a mystical raccoon dog with illusory powers. While their habitat is under threat due to urbanization, the tanukis come up with one plan after the other to stop the demolition of their forest homes, only to finally give up and join the human world by transforming into humans with their powers.

  1. Porco Rosso

Released in 1992, the movie reflects Miyazaki’s immense love for airplanes. The characters of the movie and the plot based in Croatia after the WWI come together to give the audience a mesmerizing experience. The protagonist Porco Rosso, or red pig in Italian, is a bounty hunter and ex-fighter ace brought down by a curse that turned him into a pig. The curse is lifted when he meets Fio, a female airplane mechanic, while illegally travelling to Milan to repair his broken airplane.

  1. Whisper of the Heart

Released in 1995, Whisper of the heart is a romantic drama movie that shows the importance of encouragement of a loved one in achieving one’s dreams. Both the characters work hard in order to achieve their individual potentials of becoming a luthier and a writer while coming together to share a meaningful life. While the plot might not be as deep as other Ghibli movies, the animation is beautiful and highlights the magic of love in one’s life.

  1. The Secret World of Arrietty

Released in 2010, “The Secret World of Arrietty” is a vibrant animation that shows the life of a tiny teenager, known as borrower, who lives with her family in a human’s house. The borrowers borrow supplies from the house they live in and lead a secret life due to the threat of extinction in case their identity is revealed. Arrietty grows a friendship with a human boy with a heart condition and they both encourage each other to live their lives bravely.

  1. Ponyo on the Hill


Released in 2008, Ponyo is about a fish girl born from the sea goddess, who escapes the underwater life with the help of a boy who lives near the shore. They become friends and Ponyo wishes to live as a human instead of a fish. When her mother comes to get her, the boy Sosuke assures the sea goddess that he will take care of Ponyo all her life.

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