Surreal Photos That You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped!

In the race to upload the best-looking photos to our Instagram pages, most of us have mastered the basics of Photoshop. There are uncountable number of unreal photos circulating the web, thanks to easy-to-use photo-editing apps and filters. The work of Photoshop artists has made an impression on our minds that makes us doubt the originality of any picture that looks a little outside the box, or should we say frame.

Here is a list of 10 pictures that will give you a hard time believing that they aren’t Photoshopped! These photos have been left untouched and are shown just as they were captured by the photographers, although they might look unreal!

Over the Edge

An untouched photo of the Storseisundet Bridge, also called the “Drunk Bridge”, which is a bridge in Norway. This was built to connect small archipelagos and peninsulas. When seen from certain angles, the bridge looks like it ends at a high cliff and the vehicles might fall over the edge beyond that point on the bridge.

The Bike Surfer

People always have a high doubt regarding those that claim to be able to walk on water. Though we cannot say for sure whether or not people can walk on water, we can show you that people can bike on water. Here is a photo of Robbie Maddison, an Australian stunt rider, riding the waters on his motorbike. This photo was captured as a part of promotion of DC Shoes and was shot after months of practice. The bike was attached with motor skies that made the picture possible. Not really magic but magical to look at, isn’t it?

B&W Santa

A lady with off-the-rack makeup skills has managed to send the internet into a frenzy by dressing up as a B&W Santa during the festival of Christmas. She even turned her face B&W. This particular photo looks totally photoshopped, given that it is only her in the entire photo that is black and white. It is a famous feature of such apps to turn a certain part of the photo black and white. What proves that this photo remains untouched is that we can see some make up coming off her neck. Got chills? We did too!

Rainbow Tree

The Eucalyptus Deglupta tree is one that changes color as it matures. This photo here is proof why it has been named the rainbow eucalyptus or rainbow gum. And no, it is the untouched photo of the original!

Rangsit Painted Gardens

On the Rangsit University premises in Pathum Thani, Thailand, the gardens are brightly painted. The university is famous across the globe for its colorful plants and trees, and looking at the photos, we can understand why the pictures might look photoshopped!

Boy in a Suitcase

This is the scanned photograph of an 8-year old boy, Adou Ouattara, who was smuggled from Ivory Coast to Spain stuffed in a suitcase. The boy’s father could not afford visas for both of hos sons so decided to pay someone to smuggle Adou to Spain, in a suitcase. The father was charged with child endangerment and smuggling.Fortunately, the boy reunited with his mother and in a stable condition.

The Trompe L’oeil Melting House

This is the picture of the Trompe L’oeil House in George V avenue in Paris. It looks like the picture is highly photoshopped but it is an original picture of the House. The House features blurred windows, uneven walls and weird shapes from within to give the illusion of melting away. It was a true work of illusionist art that no longer exists.

Waterfall lights

Creative Photographers Sean Lenz and Kristoffer Abildgaard used various props such as glow sticks, head lamps, flares and moonlight to capture the reflective light running through this waterfall in California. We would have argued its photoshopped but the photographers already explained how they captured the photo. There is no reason to doubt its authenticity, except that it looks too unreal! And looking unreal is something that all pictures on this list do!

No-headed hockey player

This extremely perfectly timed photo makes it look like this Norwegian hockey player has an invisibility superpower. In this case, the superpower is all thanks to the photographer who captured a moment where the Norwegian player lost his head in his mates arms for a split second.

Not just a drawing

This picture that looks like a line drawing of a Toyota Corolla superimposed unto the street is actually a life-sized wire prototype of the same designed by Artist Benedict Racliffe.

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