The Downfall Of Logan Paul

A brand new year and a brand new controversy. And this time it involves a famous YouTuber who seems like he might have lost his way.


On December 31, 2017, YouTuber Logan Paul uploaded a vlogon his YouTube channel. In the now deleted video, Paul is seen strolling around Aokigahara forest in Japan with few of his friends. Everything seems fine until they come across a dead body in the forest which is also known as Japan’s suicide forest.

All of them are shocked with the sight of the dead body but instead of turning the camera off and have some respect for the man, he keeps rolling the camera and shows the dead body violating the terms of YouTube.

After the video was uploaded, Logan Paul received a widespread criticism for and people are calling it disgusting and disrespectful. YouTube has cut ties with him regarding any business matters and Twitter was flooded with hate comments and criticism.

After realizing what a huge mistake he made, Paul immediately took the video down and took to Twitter apologizing for his actions.


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