The Latest Workout You Can Actually Do Laying In Your Bed

The fitness world is ever evolving. People invent new techniques and methods all the time that benefit their workout regimen. Working out is tough but sometimes it becomes an addiction.

But what if I tell you there is the latest workout technique that lets you stay in bed and involves sleeping. You heard me, it involves sleeping. How is this even possible you ask. Studies suggest that a midday nap enhances brain function and reduce stress.

This exercise is known as Napercise and it involves sleeping. It is a 60-minute class by David Lloyd Clubs that provide a bed, blanket, and an eye mask and lets you sleep uninterruptedly for 45 minutes.

Napercise might not be like your regular exercise to lose weight and be fit but it helps relax your mind, energize it, and better your mood by reducing stress.

Source: Mashable



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