Mandela Effect Examples That Will Leave You in Doubt!

The Mandela Effect has been a hot topic among those interested in science fiction. It is an effect describing the experience of having a flawed memory, that is, remembering something differently than it actually is at a given point in time. Many people have talked about experiencing such an effect in the past decade and it is making people wonder what is the reason behind such mass but similar memory flaw.

The effect gains its name from the memory of a number of people who remembered Nelson Mandela to have been declared dead in prison in 1991. The effect first emerged in 2010 when many people said that they had a memory of seeing Mandela’s funeral on TV, only that Mandela actually died in 2013. Nelson Mandela was freed in 1990 and served as the first black President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999.

Since then, there have been many cases where people experienced the Mandela effect and in some of these cases, evidence has also been found that the initial memories of the people were correct and that the things have somehow changed overtime instead of the memory being flawed.

Whether the effect is a result of time travel, the existence of a parallel universe or the deteriorating memory of people, these prime examples can be seen as proof that such cases are happening and happening more often than before. Take a look to find out whether or not you are a victim of a such Mandela effect.

The Original Mickey Mouse

Many of us remember Mickey Mouse as wearing suspenders over his red trousers. But the internet says Mickey never had any suspenders on.

Looney Toons or Looney Tunes?

All my childhood, I remembered watching Looney Toons. However, it turns out that it has always been Looney Tunes.

Number of States: 50,51 or 52?

At school, we were taught that the USA has 51 or 52 states but it the US says that it never had any more than 50 states.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall?

The Disney movie and book Snow White and the Seven dwarfs has a famous line that says “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” which never really existed. The line has always been “Magic Mirror on the wall”!

Darth Vader didn’t say “Luke, I am your father!” but “No, I am your father!”

In the famous scene in Star Wars, turns out Darth Vader never addressed Luke, but only said to Luke,”No, I am your father”. All those Star Wars fans thinking of naming their child “Luke” to use the line must now think of another name!


Monopoly’s Rich Uncle

Most of us remember the Monopoly mascot Rich Uncle wearing a monocle on his left eye, but again the internet says he never owned one at all!

Sex and the City?

The famous series “Sex in the City” is causing much confusion after it was discovered that “Sex in the City” was ” Sex and the City” all along, with the City being a character on the show.

Pillsbury Dough boy

Many of us remember the Pillsbury Dough boy sporting a blue scarf on his neck. To our surprise, the boy has always sported a white scarf and never a blue one.



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