The Meaning Of Knowledge Beyond Books

Most of us believe that knowledge is the only thing one can share and get more of at the same time. In that spirit, I would like to start by sharing something from my childhood that you all might be able to relate.

When I was younger,

I used to put my arms in my shirt and tell people that I lost them;

I would restart a video game whenever I was going to lose;

I would sleep with all my stuffed animals so that none of them would get offended;

I had that one pen with six colors, and I tried to push all the buttons at once;

I poured apple juice into a glass and pretended it was scotch;

I took those round wafers and acted like I was smoking a cigar;

I would wait behind a door to scare someone, but soon leave because they were taking too long or I had to use washroom;

I would fake being asleep so that my dad would carry me to bed;

I used to think that the moon followed my car;

I would watch the two drops of rain roll down the window and pretend it was a race;

I used to get scared to death when I would accidentally swallow a fruit seed and got convinced that a tree was going to grow in my tummy.

Remember when we were kids, we knew so little and were so happy. Maybe it’s true what they say ignorance is bliss. However, the reality is much different.

Disability is not a joke

Restarting a game is unfair

Stuffed animals don’t have feelings

Pushing all buttons won’t work because the hole is too small

Scotch is bitter, and cigars burn your chest

Patience is important

And we have to be independent and carry my weight through the world.

As we grow up, the definition of fun changes along with our priorities and perspectives.

What we do not realize is that for us to have had the opportunity to have a blissful childhood, there was someone aware enough to provide us with that freedom. There are kids in the world who have no childhood whatsoever let alone education. They toil their entire lives, because of the ignorance in the society. We should gain an education so that the future generation can have childhood we had. The point is that education begins with the acceptance of ignorance and it gives us the strength to endure whatever life throws at us. Opportunity does not knock frequently and justly at all our doors, and we must make the most of the privileges that have been extended to us.

Acquiring knowledge is not just in the books, but it is how we look at life. It is much more than scoring the highest mark. Indeed, what we learn from books lays a foundation of how we should be, but that is not the end of it. It is just the beginning. Knowledge in its best terms means realizing what we have, being grateful for them and make the most out of it to bring best possible positive change for people around us.




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