The Theories of Multiverse

We have a slight idea that a parallel universe is one where alternative realities exist, most of us wouldn't know that there are at least five parallel universe stories.

In light of the recent achievement of scientists being able to capture the very first image of a black hole, interest regarding space and the universe has heightened among the earthly beings. There has been an ongoing debate about whether our universe is the only one to exist or not.

While some argue that the universe that we live in is the only one present, others say that there are bound to be more than one, given the uncertainty of the deep space. One theory popular among people of all ages is the theory of parallel universe. Be it in movies, television series, comic books or video games, parallel universe is a concept known to pretty much all of us.

Although we do have a slight idea that a parallel universe is one where alternative realities exist, most of us wouldn’t know that there are at least five multiverse theories. Scientists have claimed that certain evidence that a universe other than ours exists has been found. When there is a possibility of more than one universe, the theory of multiverse comes into play. Read on to know what these multiverses might be like.

Infinite universes

Just as there are supporters of the Flat Earth theory, there are prominent believers who state that space-time is shapeless. This assumption gives birth to the possibility of infinite universe as space would be flat and go on forever.There is also a probability that certain universes are exactly the same because there are limitations to how a certain number of particles can be put together.

Parallel Universe

The most popular concept of a multiverse is that of a parallel universe, which stems from the idea that the universe is flat. When the universe is flat, there are limited configurations in which the particles can be placed. This creates the same universe infinite times over. In these universes, everything is expected to be exactly as our universe, including another you.

Mathematical universe

A universe that is expected to be able to exist on its own, without a trace of human beings. This theory states that the mathematical structure of a universe might change depending on which universe one resides in. As a mathematical structure does not require the involvement of any human, this mutiverse theory is known as mathematical universe.

Daughter universe

The theory of daughter universe is the most interesting of all. It suggests that every decision that you take has a certain consequence in this universe, but the other consequences that did not play out in yours come to reality in other alternative universes. This means that all the consequences of your decision are played out with equal probability. The theory is derived from quantum mechanics, as observed in how subatomic particles behave.

Bubble theory

This theory is derived from that of “eternal universe”. It suggests that the space is constantly expanding and ours is the one that stopped expanding due to the Big-Bang explosion. In such a case, our universe is just a bubble among other possible expanding universes. The other universes might have different laws of physics as there is no link between the individual universes according to this theory.

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