These Animals Know How to Outsmart Humans

These mischievous animals possess some interesting traits that causes conflict with the humans

Animals have their own ways of doing things. Cats lick themselves to justify it as cleaning, cows face the same direction when they eat, naked mole rats run backwards that too equally fast and many more.

But one of the most endearing qualities that some animals possess is the trait of being adorably mischievous.

There are a handful of animals that are mischievous but equally intelligent. Hence, for these mischievous animals, it is quite easy to outsmart the humans.  Surprisingly some of the actions of these animals are seen to come in conflict with humans.

People living in the urban areas are very much used to having things their way. Hence, when these mischievous animals interrupt in their daily activities, it causes a certain level of dissension in their happy world.

Animals usually innovate unusual ways to solve problems in their surroundings which leads to paving ways for human interactions and eventually form disagreements between the two.

Where humans have invented animal-proof trash bins, raccoons have learned how to open those trash cans and create a mess. Raccoons are quite notorious for being cheeky and mischievous. Raccoons along with their close relative coatis are also seen stealing foods from the bags and putting on some frolic games with the humans.


Similarly, other roguish animals include almost every species of ape/ monkey who are now known of becoming a connoisseur in pickpocketing. They have an obvious control of their frontal lobe hence they tend to do what any instincts tell them to.

These “stealing” characteristic have also become quite popular among the birds as they are also seen stealing foods straight from the hands.

Not to forget crows and their impressive cognitive ability of memorizing and navigating the places to find food. Also their habit of littering brings in the much avoided conflict with the humans.


Crows have this boldness of going out and searching for food in busy areas as well. This leads them to come in contact with many humans resulting in their card stealing behavior.

Not just humans actually, there are even videos to prove how crows do things like pulling on eagle’s tail feathers and cat’s tail. Their mischief is on a different level altogether.

One of the honorable mentions goes to goats as well. They are naturally really playful and curious. They eat items that do not even qualify as food, at least not edible food as they see to quite enjoy eating buttons from the clothes, leather, shoe laces etc.

Looking at all these it is proven that humans really need to up their game and try to match and nullify the frolic actions of these animals.


Researchers believe that with the increasing human population and expansion into animal habitat, there is an increasing likelihood that there will emerge a human-wildlife conflict in the future if things were to run in the similar manner.

On the contrary there are few animals like coyote that are less daring and do not much prefer coming in contact with the humans and their activities.

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