Things You Must Know On Men Style: A Guide For Summer Look

Summer T-shirts

Summer t-shirts are must in your wardrobe. Stick to classic colours and styles as it lasts for all seasons. Classic white, navy and grey are some basic colours to prefer for the season. White colour blends well with almost everything from jeans to chinos to shorts. You can go with black, but make sure to pair it with lighter shorts. For stylish and sleek look, go for the classic crew necks. Avoid deep V-necks; they are a big no!


Printed Shirts

Printed shirts make the game more interesting. Try abstract, polka dots and floral! Accept that cool floral shirts are in for the season. Try Cuban style! However, make sure on the design, you would not want to look like weekend dad unless you wish to. It is better to choose cotton or linen material.


Bold Striped Suits

Bold striped suits are also on the roll this summer. Suits with noticeably bold stripes have different trends of their own. Think of a 1920’s millionaire on a yacht. Keep it classy.


Pleats In Your Trousers

This summer, go less basic with the trousers and go for pleats. Match pleated pants casually with a belt and t-shirt. You can also pair it up with a suit jacket for a more heightened look. This look goes better for men with long slender legs for a little bulked up look for the bottom.


White Chinos

Try the classic chino of lighter colours for extra coolness when you wear them. Tighter and fitted ones make you hotter and uncomfortable, therefore choose wider-legged ones that give a lightweight feel. The look is versatile and stylish (with rolled up ankles) in stone or beige colour for summer.


Longer Shorts

Wear shorts which are just above the kneecaps. Keep the length about four inches short when you sit. Short shorts no longer look attractive; they take you in the hot pants territory. However, don’t go John Cena style either, it is difficult to pull off and makes you look shorter than your average height. When it comes to colours, try sporty, bold colours with a comfy fit. Abstract patterns also work but choose wisely.


Wide Leg Lenin Trousers

Wide linen trousers are the combination of comfort and luxury. There are enough breathing room and relaxed feel of soft linen. For better physique structure, have a fitted waistband, or you can also choose relaxed waist for a minimalist vibe.


Waterproof Loafers

Loafers are ideal for a smart and casual look with relaxed styling and slipper-like convenient feature. Pair them with chinos and espadrilles for a classy look. They are lightweight and perfect for warm climate as they go well for both casual and as a travel shoe. Think of going to a resort or maybe nice dinner out on island vacation while you style yourself up casually. Moreover, there are many styles of loafers in general that go well even when you suit up. Wear ankle socks so that you don’t sweat yourself.

Leather Sandals

Sandals during summer are a saviour that goes well with shorts and trousers. These are safe choice to go with and are comfortable. Leather sandals never go out of fashion when it comes to summer. Better have a pair or two on your shelf.

Round Sunglasses

Round sunglasses are on trend this summer with its old-school rounded frames. But be careful to match it with your face shape. These glasses give a soften yet rocking look.


Colourful Bracelets

Bracelets are no longer stereotyped for women. Colourful bracelets, when done right, are recommended for men. Try them singularly or combine different ones of similar colour tone.


For a more beachy and sexy look, tan is a must on your list. There are spray tans which could be an option as well. Remember Zac Efron rocking the cooper tone? Well, that is what you should look forward to.

So now you know how to style yourself up this summer!


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