15 Things You Should Know Before Losing Your Virginity.

Maintaining your virginity might be a hard thing but it might be a great deal for almost all of us. It might also be a scary and strange feeling but you should know that it’s perfectly normal to be nervous about it.

There are things that people assume about losing one’s virginity and then there is the truth. And if you’re one of them and fall into the pits of the unknown, you might want to stick around until the end of the article.

Here are 15 things you should know before losing your virginity.

1. Forget Everything You See in the Movies.

If you think your first time would be just like what you see in the movies, you need to rethink things. If you’re hyped up watching too many romantic teen films or even virgin porn and think your first time will turn out to be just that, honestly you’ve been watching too many films. Nothing you see in films can come close to what the reality of losing your virginity is.

2. Clear the Air in the Beginning.

If you have any doubts or anything at all, clear it up before you take your second step. Especially if you’re a virgin, let your partner before-hand to make sure there aren’t any problem later.

3. It Might Hurt a Little.

Again, movies and real-life experiences are way different when it comes to virginity. So when a couple looks like they’re having the time of their lives in a movie, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the same in real life. Honestly, it can be a whole lot messier if you’re both virgins. And it might also hurt a little or a lot if you’re doing it wrong.

4. Communication is the Key.

Make sure you and your partner know what you want exactly. In order to make your first time as magical as you’ve imagined, it is very important that you communicate with each other and clear your head of any doubts.

5. If You’re Not Sure, Don’t Rush.

If you’re only agreeing to sleep with your partner so that you could make them happy, don’t do it. Sex is a two-way process (unless it’s rape) so if you’re not sure that losing your virginity is the way to go, don’t rush.

6. Your Cherry Doesn’t Pop.

The popular phrase “popping the cherry” is wrong on so many levels. Your cherry doesn’t pop when you lose your virginity. In fact, nothing happens to your cherry when you do it the first time. There might be a little amount of blood or discomfort due to the stretching or tearing of the tissues that are inside the vaginal opening. But that doesn’t mean it’s your cherry that’s popping.

7. It Might Not Be Magical.

Seriously, enough with the movies already. Trust me, your first time won’t be as magical as you have it in your head. It can be messy, sweaty, and uncomfortable but magical…not quite.

8. It Can Be Awkward.

Kick magical out of your head but it can be one thing, awkward especially if you both are first timers. But that is totally normal.

9. Don’t Panic If You Don’t Figure It Out Right Away.

No one knows everything the first time around. Nobody becomes an expert right away. Everything need time, patience, and practice. So if you don’t get it right the first time there is no need to panic. Your virginity is in your hands and to decide whether you’ve lost it not is also up to you.

10. Know Your Body and Be Comfortable With It.

Before exposing your body to someone else, you should know it yourself. And if you can’t be comfortable with what you have it’s sure that you won’t be comfortable with what you have to offer. So make sure you know you and you’re comfortable with it.

11. It Can Change Your Relationship.

Not everything in this world is constant. And it applies to your relationship as well. Not everyone is that lucky to be spending their entire life with their first kiss (or their first time). So just know that your relationship might change after you’ve had sex for the first time. And by change, it can be for the better as well as the worst.

12. Finishing Off at the Same Time is a Myth.

Oh, how much has Hollywood changed our perception of losing our virginity. And when it comes to finishing off at the same time, it’s the porn industry that has done the business of sweeping off our minds. So is it really possible that both of you finish off at the same time? It is, but the possibility is very low.

13. It’s Different For Everyone.

Since every one of us is different the experiences we have are also very much different. So doing it the first time might be magical to your friend but with you, not necessarily.

14. Losing Your Virginity is Not That of a Big Deal.

It might seem like it is but losing your virginity is not that of a big deal. Also, it is none of anyone’s business so keeping it to yourself will save you a great deal of avoiding anxiety.


15. Nobody Cares If You’re a Virgin.

This is also just in movies that people make a big deal out of you losing your virginity. In reality, nobody cares if you’re a virgin or if you’ve done it more than your partner. And if it does matter, the person is not right for you.


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