This Tribe Is So Primitive, They Don’t Even Know How To Start A Fire Yet!

It is said that there are about 50-100 uncontacted tribes in the world. One such tribe lives on the remote North Sentinel Island on the Bay of Bengal. The civilization of the sentinels’ is no different than the stone ages. They use stone tools and hunt animals for food. They have no grasp of agricultural methods of living. They don’t even know how to start a fire themselves. They simply wait for lightning to strike and attempt to keep the embers burning for as long as possible. It is said that their ‘hunter-gatherer’ method has remained unaltered for 60,000 years.

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It is not that other civilizations have not attempted to contact them. Every venture to make contact has ended with the intruders being vamoosed with arrows; even worse, some have been captured and murdered by the tribesmen. They resent contact with other uncontacted tribes as well. Due to their obstinacy to not connect with any other civilization, their unique language cannot be interpreted.

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One day, two fishermen were fishing illegally in the water around the island. The two drunk men fell asleep aboard the boat and were washed to the mainland during the night. The tribesmen murdered the two man with arrows and left them to rot. Indian coastguard helicopters, in search of the two men, discovered the body a few days later, but couldn’t recover them because the helicopter too was attacked with hail of arrows from the ground.

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The British had their own methods of contacting such tribes. During their empire, the British would kidnap a tribe member and take them back to their camps. The tribesmen would be treated like royalty in the camps in hopes that they will commend the British once they are taken back to their tribes. This method succeeded with many tribes until they reached devastating failure with the Sentinels. They kidnapped two elderly tribespeople and four young children. They were treated with the best delicacies which eventually killed them instead. It is believed that due to their way of living, their immune system is several thousand years behind. The modern day foods would easily infect them with diseases that they cannot fight themselves.

The Indian Government has passed a law which bans any form of contact with the tribe. Going within 3 miles of the island is illegal for researchers and tourists alike.



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