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Why are there only three episodes in Black Mirror: Season 5

Brooker understands have been fairly upset about it as they were expecting to get six episodes instead of three.

The new season of ‘Black Mirror’ was released on a Wednesday rather than on a Friday breaking the stereotype.  The season 5 arrived previous week with three mind blowing episodes which did justice to the technology related anthological series.

Anthony Mackie and Yahya Abdul- Mateen II are starring in the first episode ‘Striking Vipers.’ Andrew Scott gave an excellent performance in ‘Smithereens’ which is the second episode and Miley Cyrus portrayed the role of an iconic star in the third, which no doubt had certain similarities with her own real life superstar moment.

Many people were complaining that the season had very few episodes and to this the series director Charlie Brooker told TheWrap ” you people have no sense of history as the first two seasons also had only three episodes. The third and the fourth had six episodes, you just had the same expectation.”

He was joking about it, obviously but there are a couple of real reasons for having less episodes.

One of the reasons was that originally ‘Bandersnatch’ was part of season 5. ‘Striking Vipers’ was shot before ‘Bandersnatch’ was even written. Bandersnatch’s story arc with interactive self choice game play became big. They felt that this episode deserved to stand out in its own right and it made more sense to release it as a standalone.

‘Bandersnatch’ is a ‘Choose your own adventure’ game play. The  actors in the standalone episode were Fionn Whitehead and Will Poulter and there were many trailers teasing this episode for months after finally dropping it last December.

Brooker further said, “Well, we’ve got these other episodes as well, they feel like they complement each other.” We could make people wait forever while we do some more, or we could release these fairly quickly after ‘Bandersnatch.’”

Brooker understands that people have been fairly upset about it as they were expecting to get six episodes instead of three. But you had Bandersnatch which was five and a half hours, come on! He teasingly also said, “Also, have you seen how much TV there is out there? You should be thanking us!”

The co show runner Annabel Jones “Yeah, so I think we’ve over-delivered.” She further added as a joke ” Maybe we should have just released one.”

Brooker added by saying, ” Yes, that’s the attitude to have. Let’s say we over-delivered.”

Brooker and Jones were asked in detail about why it got released on a Friday rather than on a Wednesday. People were curious about why it changed its launch patterns and they replied by saying, “I think it’s partly an experiment, but I think it’s not unprecedented.” “Also, probably because it’s a slightly shorter season, you’ve got more of a chance of watching it and discussing it with your coworkers before the weekend, at which point they can catch up. Maybe that’s the reason.”


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