John Titor’s Mind Boggling Episode Of Time Travel

Sci-fi movies on time-travel have turned movie theatres into Ranganathan street of Chennai, the busiest commercial street in India. It is not unsurprising to see and hear rumors about time-travelers existing in real life too.

We say rumors because science has repeatedly proved that it is impossible for this theory to work. In fact, Stephen Hawkings’ Champagne Party for time-travelers proved the whole shebang to be false too. Future con-artists should keep in mind to respect the dead before they think of gaining benefits through time-travel.

One of these cons, as some say, was John Titor who apparently stopped a civil war from breaking out in the States by diverting it to the 9/11 attack.

There isn’t any specific date for when his story starts but on 2nd of November of 2000, Timetravel_0 started publishing on an online forum. The post said that he had come from 2036, sent by his grandfather to 1975 to pick up an IBM 5100 computer which he had helped programme and assemble.

It was vitally important Titor retrieve it for government scientists from 2036 to fight a legacy computer bug nicknamed “the year 2038 problem.” He recovered this and seemingly made this pit-stop in 2000 to stay around until the March of 2001. During this period he answered whatever questions asked to him and made a considerable amount of predictions.

We cannot say he was credible though, due to his inaccuracy and the way he frequently contradicted with himself.  There were a certain number of predictive failures including the misfortune of the next World War in 2015, a civil war after the 2004 U.S. elections and the conclusion of Olympics in 2004.

The Telegraph has mentioned how Titor’s claims were grubby enough tinged with the right technobabble to seem real. The acceptability boosted due to the confident way in which he presented the mechanisms of his machine and readiness to take up volunteers to back and forth in time, specifically to the year 1975 as a pit-stop and 2036 as their destination if that was what they wished.

As time passed, the Titor fever slowly died on the internet. Yet, an Italian TV company hired a private detective after the CEO of John Titor Foundation. He was the IP address connected that pointed to the town which Titor registered it in. The findings indicated that there could be a candidate for Titor’s true identity, John Rick.

Fans argue that their conversations with Titor made them see the truth in his claims of the multiverse’s existence. He himself said how his predictions may be wrong simply because of the alternate reality created by himself, which grew larger with each passing day he was on our dimension.

So all hail Titor, his story of time-travel fiction or not, because maybe his comments on the internet did divert the path our world-line was about to take.


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