Top 9 Scariest Mental Disorders People Can Actually Have!

There is a lot of stigma regarding mental illness with people usually disregarding many people with depression and anxiety as oversensitive or over-reactive. While around more than 450 million worldwide suffer from mental illnesses, some are more dangerous than the others.


Imagine living with a mental disorder that makes you believe you are an animal, have sexual attraction to inanimate things or have an irresistible urge to cut your limbs off. These are not just themes of horror movies but have been found to be present in real-life people.

Most of these are rare and affect a very minor percentage of the population.Unlike depression and anxiety, which are the most common mental illnesses, these  disorders are mainly said to be caused by a mental trauma or injury. More surprisingly, they rarely have a cure , meaning that the sufferers must deal with the disorders lifelong.

Here are Top 9 scariest mental disorders that people can actually have!


This mental disorder creates an urge in the sufferer to amputate their properly healthy and functioning body parts, especially limbs. It is also known as Body Integrity Disorder or Amputee Identity Disorder. The sufferers are said to derive satisfaction from losing a body part and are often found visiting surgeons to amputate them. Some even take it as far as amputating themselves and expressing satisfaction after doing so.

2.Capgras Delusion

The mental illusion where the sufferer thinks that all the people around them have been replaced by identical lookalikes. Even more, they claim to know that these lookalikes are planning to harm the sufferer. This disorder is relatively rare and is most often found in people with brain injury, dementia, epilepsy or schizophrenia.

3.Cotard Delusion

If you are a fan of the Walking Dead or The Resident Evil series, you probably have an idea what people with Cotard Delusion believe they are. The sufferers of this disorder believe that they are actually dead and that their bodies are decaying. They are found to claim that they are losing their blood or internal organs. There are cases where the sufferers starved themselves to death and is one of the most terrifying disorders to suffer from.

4. Kluver-Bucy Syndrome

The people suffering from Kluver-Bucy Syndrome have an urge to eat inedible things and have sexual attraction towards inanimate things. They might want to eat books and have intercourse with beds, also giving them a hard time to recognize the people and objects around them. It is caused by severe injury to the temporal lobe and is hard to diagnose. Unfortunately, this disorder does not yet have a cure and is a lifelong complexity.

5. Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

Like in the fantasy book and movie of Alice in Wonderland, sufferers of this syndrome see one’s surroundings with a distorted view. The sufferers of the syndrome, also called Todd Syndrome, hear sounds quieter or louder than they are and see objects either larger or smaller than they actually are. It is not uncommon for people to lose sense of velocity and textures. People might also see their own body in a distorted size and hence, scare themselves away.

6. Boanthropy

This mental disorders is one of the most rare and makes people believe they are not humans,but cows. Sufferers go as far as behaving like a cow and eating grass from the fields. They also join herds of cows, walk on all fours and act like a part of the cows’ herds. There is no certainty regarding what causes this disorder but scientists believe such odd behavior is brought upon the sufferers by dreams or hypnotism. Surprisingly, people suffering from this disorder do not recognize they are acting like a cow.

7. Dissociative Identity Disorder


Also known as Multiple Personality Disorder, this disorder has been the main theme of various movies and series. People suffering from this disorder have a number of distinct personalities, usually two to three of them. Sufferers cycle through personalities and there is no guarantee when a particular personality will switch. A personality may show up at any time without warning and may stay from around a few hours to a few years.

8. Reduplicative Amnesia

A syndrome similar to the Capgras Delusion, but dealing with locations instead of people. In this syndrome, the sufferers develop a belief that the location around them has been replaced by a similar looking set. This might manifest in a variety of ways, but the most common is that a location exists in two places at once.

9.Diogenes Syndrome

The Diogenes Syndrome causes its sufferers to do excessive hoarding and is the most misunderstood mental syndrome.Sufferers hoard large number of seemingly random things, with which an emotional bond is formed. The syndrome is very common among the elderly, those with dementia or those that have been abandoned or lacked a stable home environment at some time in life.



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