Unbelievable IQ scores of politicians and celebrities

But you may be surprised to know the following stars not only graduated from top-rated universities of the country but also possess high level of IQ.

We don’t normally wonder about the IQ of celebrities and politicians. But you may be surprised to know the following stars not only graduated from top-rated universities of the country but also possess high level of IQ.

1. Ivanka Trump, 139

Ivanka Trump was former vice president of the Trump Organization and she is a highly intelligent entrepreneur. Her IQ is estimated to be a score of 139. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, with a degree majoring in economics. She has been successful to launch her own brand and it produces clothing, shoes, handbags. Ivanka is considered to be the “shining star of the Trump family ensemble.”

2. Matt Damon, 160

Matt Damon has played the role of an unknown genius in the movie Good Will Hunting, but even in real life it appears that he is a genius.Damon attended Harvard University with an IQ score of 160. He found his passion for writing and wrote an early draft of the screenplay for Good Will Hunting. He was awarded with an Academy Award for the screenplay in 1998.

3. Emma Watson, 138

As a genius in the series of Harry Potter, the character of Hermione Granger stole the heart of viewers. Aside from the series she is also incredibly intelligent in real life. Her IQ score is estimated to be of 138. Watson got her bachelor’s degree in English literature from Brown University. She also has been an active spokesperson for women’s rights and the she is the founder of UN Women campaign ‘HeForShe’ which calls upon men to advocate gender equality.

4. Conan O’ Brien, 160

Conan O’Brien isn’t your normal talk-show host. He can be considered to be a comedic genius. He has an estimated IQ score of 160. O’Brien was valedictorian in his high school days and he got his degrees in history and literature from Harvard University. After his graduation he began his career as a sketch writer for Saturday Night Live and often appeared in his sketches.

5. Jodie Foster, 132

Jodie Foster made her first appearance in television commercials when she was only three years old. As an adult she pursued her role as an actor in films like The Silence of the Lambs, Panic Room and Taxi Driver. She has an estimated IQ score of 132. Foster as child showed her capabilities and she attended a French-language prep school. After being a successful actor, Foster also graduated from Yale University. She has a degree in literature and she delivered an excellent valedictory speech for the school’s French division.

6. Micheal Jordon, 154

Jordon is not only an NBA legend but he is also very intelligent. He had to leave university of North Carolina after he was chosen for NBA. But he returned back to school in 1986 and got a degree in geography. Even after being a basketball star, he wanted to study further as he understood the value of education. He had once said, ”  He once said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

7. Mayim Bailik, 163

Mayim plays the role of an intelligent scientist on the hit sitcom series, ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ But turns out she’s a real life genius as well. With an estimated IQ of 163, Bailik earned her bachelor’s degree in neuroscience from UCLA. She later on pursued her Ph.D degree in the same field. As she has her scientific background in neuroscience, she knows what she is talking about as she portrays Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler on the CBS show.

8. Donald Trump, 156

Trump has been a mockery in the eyes of media because of his statements and twitter comments. But surprisingly, he has an IQ of 156. He is a great real estate agent  and businessman who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. Yes, he did not have much IQ before becoming the 45th president of United States, he has high IQ and this can come as a shock to people refusing to believe so.

9. Melania Trump, 130

Melania was originally from Slovenia. Before she married Donald Trump she was a model and now has been successful to become The First Lady for the 45th president. As Melania keeps a low profile, many people can’t guess her IQ. She got her education from the University of  Ljubljana in design and architecture. She speaks six languages like Slovenian, French, Serbian, German, Italian, and English.

10. Ashton Kutcher, 160

Ashton Kutcher got his fame from the hit TV series, ‘That 70’s Show.’ After the show, we could see him in many movies. However, even Kutcher has an astounding estimated IQ of 160 and his original dream wasn’t to be a writer. He originally wanted to be a biomedical engineer but he pursued the career of modelling and acting.

11.Michelle Obama, 125

She wasn’t just a trophy wife of her presidential husband. Michelle graduated from Princeton University and just like her husband got her degree in law from Harvard University. As a first lady, she lead many campaigns including the fight to end gender inequality and childhood obesity.

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