Unhealthy foods that are known for being healthy!

Juice only has sugar, even if it is 100% fruit juice.

When we look around us for healthy foods to fix our junk-eating habits, the internet serves us a list of food items that are commonly known to be good for our health. The options for healthy foods in our markets are growing by the day. These are gaining a lot of popularity among people who are conscious about their health, mostly fitness trainers and those hoping to lose weight by eating healthy.

Some names that come to mind when we think of healthy foods are baked goods, cereals, dried fruits, yogurts, salads, and smoothies. Would you believe it if we say that most of these are not as healthy as you’d imagined them to be?

Here is a list of unhealthy foods that are known for being healthy to clear your doubts.


We often hear that people who are controlling their diets for health and weight loss purposes survive on salads and greens. Guess what? These salads are found to be not so healthy after all. The salads served at restaurants are drenched in dressing sauce that increases the calories of the salad. Certain dressings can increase calories of salads to as much as that of burgers. What is the point in skipping burgers for salads anyway?

2.Instant Oatmeal


There are people who religiously consume oatmeal for breakfast, thinking that oatmeal is a healthier breakfast option that other instant foods. It turns out that oatmeal is only healthy if you make it at home. Instant store bought oatmeal contains sugar and carbohydrates that defeat your purpose of consuming oatmeal because it is healthy!

3.Flavored and Frozen Yogurt

Yogurts are traditionally a healthy food consumed for the probiotics they contain. They are low in sugar and have bacteria that is healthy for the gut. But the flavored and frozen yogurts widely available in the markets are the unhealthier versions of yogurt.The flavored fruity yogurts don’t even contain any real fruit, only artificial flavors of fruit. Frozen yogurts come with options for toppings and the healthiness of the yogurt depends on how much you hoard on the toppings, or basically how less you do!


The people’s favorite breakfast of granola is filled with sugar, carbohydrates and not enough fiber. On top of that, each serving of granola is only 1/4 of a cup. This means you are consuming 3-4 times more of all the sugar and carbohydrates in granola when you consume about a cup of it. Healthiness? Bye-bye!

5.Gluten-free and Sugar-free products

Gluten-free products actually consist of more sugar and carbohydrates than gluten-filled products. This is because they use rice flours, starches and sugar to make up make the products. As for sugar-free products, they contain artificial sweeteners containing chemicals such as aspartame, which has been found to be linked to weight gain and inducing cancer.

6.Dried fruits

Although we might have heard that dried fruits are a healthy alternative to packaged chips and snacks, dried fruits contain excessive sugar and preservatives used to increase their shelf life. Now that you know, think before you binge-watch an entire Netflix series eating dried fruits. It is not really as healthy as it is known to be and should be consumed in moderation, if any!

7.Fat-free or Low-fat food

Any product that is fat-free or low-fat have about 40% more sugar and 10% more calories to compensate the exclusion of fat. When fat is removed from a food, flavor is removed too. To make up for the lost taste, sugar and other additives are added, which are far from healthy.


No matter how healthy of an image a smoothie has in our minds, it cannot be left out of this list. Most smoothies are believed to be made purely out of fruit, which would have been a very healthy diet. But in reality, smoothies have a huge amount of sugar and calories, with little to no fruits in the mix. The ones made at home using fresh fruits might be healthier based on the ingredients used to make the smoothie.


Next on the list is juice. Juice is considered to be one of the most unhealthy drinks. This is because juice only has sugar, even if it is 100% fruit juice.

10.Nutrition Bars

Nutrition bars are more sugar, less nutrition. No matter how healthy you think meal nutrition bars are, they are only as good as candy bars. Before you think of skipping a meal to indulge in a nutrition bar, don’t forget to check the nutritional information on the packet of your bar.

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