Urban Words to Make Your Vocabulary Lit, Fam!

With the advent of internet, new words are coined, almost everyday. Some, I consider describe such abstract emotions with so much conviction that it makes you question your own existence.(Sarcasm alert)

  1. 1 Gaydar

    The supposed ability to recognize a gay person

  2. 2 Hangry

    Anger as a result of hunger

  3. 3 Jailbait

    An attractive person you'd like to bang but is under the age of consent (a minor)

  4. 4 Pregret

    The feeling you get when you know you'll regret it in the future, but you end up doing it anyways

  5. 5 Calm Jam

    The female equivalent of 'cock-blocked'. 

    (Cock-block basically means someone preventing you from hooking up with some chick.)


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