Vaping Damages Your DNA; Causes Cancer

Once considered a safe alternative to cigarettes, recently researchers have found e-cigarettes have far worse effects on your health. Vaping has led to DNA mutations causing cancer among its users.

In a recent study, the researchers used a cultured human bladder and lung cells to vapour produced while using e-cigarettes, designed to avoid the carcinogenic byproducts of tobacco. It was found that the cells mutated and became much dangerous and cancerous at a greater rate than what was expected. When a mouse was exposed to the smoke, it caused significant DNA damage.

The findings by New York University research team published on January 30 warning on the popular myth and belief that vaping nicotine is safer than smoking cigarettes. A day before this finding was published; the Food and Drug Administration had rejected the healthy iQOS e-vaping product by Philip Morris, a leading tobacco company, saying that it was not a safer or healthier alternative to tobacco.  

E-cigarette smoke (ECS) delivers nicotine through aerosols without burning tobacco and thus is considered safer than tobacco smoke as it has nitrosamines and carcinogenic chemicals from burning. A study concluded that e-cigarette had 97 percent fewer lung carcinogens in their body fluids compared to tobacco smokers.

However, a recent study by Moon-shong Tang, from the environmental medicine department, found other cancerous elements other than nicotine in tobacco which actually increases the risk of cancer. They used mice and human cells as subjects to the vapour. In doing so, they established that vaping increases the risk of lung and bladder cancer and heart diseases even if the carcinogens are delivered in a lesser amount.


This research follows the findings of previous research done by the University of North Carolina in October 2017 which concluded vaping to be immensely harmful to health. It has not been long that the impact of e-cigarettes compared to cigarettes has been studied to clear the confusion of whether the former is a safer substitute, and the results present adverse effects on human health.

In the UK, adult smoking has reduced as much to 15% even though smoking stays as the ‘leading preventable cause’ for various illness and deaths. Moreover, vaping has gained a lot of popularity among youth globally which requires much attention and need of awareness so that they have a choice to chose between vaping and safety of their health.

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