Would you want your kids to swim after knowing swimming pools are full of poop?

The amount of pool that a pool contains is unimaginable and just think about the last time you got an infection from a swimming pool incident. Ew!

If you are a swimmer you probably would probably be grossed out by the amount of poop found in a swimming pool. It is believed up to ten grams of poop can wash off a little kid’s butt in a pool. You may think ten gram is a pretty small amount but if you multiply that by the number of children in your average public pool over the course of a hot summer day, you would not really be happy about this fact.

The amount of pool that a pool contains is unimaginable and just think about the last time you got an infection from a swimming pool incident. Ew!

Young kids tend to get sick because they tend to swallow a lot of swimming pool water. To be honest, pools are disgusting space that collects human filth such as pee and poop and there is no proper remedy to properly disinfect pools to make it clear and clean. 17% of people who swim have confirmed that they have peed while swimming while others haven’t confirmed about it.

The Centers for Disease Control put out a report saying noting that Cryptosporidium outbreaks have risen an average of 13 percent each year from 2009 to 2017.  Swimming pools and other swimming spots (like water parks) are held accountable for 35 percent of those outbreaks while the rest, at a very less percent were from cattle or from a childcare facility.

Similar to that outbreak,  you may also catch pus filled rashes from Pseudonomas along with a fever and cough from a fever and cough from Legionella. Furthermore, you may get diarrhea from Shigella, diarrhea from Norovirus, diarrhea from Giardia and diarrhea from E. Coli. In conclusion, swimming pools are ready to infect us anytime.

Records have shown that every 8 swimming pool inspections have shown serious health code violations. Of those eight pools, one swimming pool out of eight will have serious issue and the pool has to shut down immediately. If you are not putting proper disinfectants in swimming pool, it can have crucial impacts on the general public and major actions should be taken against it.

But even with all the health risks, only about 1400 people get infected over 300 million pool people visit every year in the United States. That’s a very small amount of infections that are being spread considering how filthy the pools were statistically.

Another major statistic is the amount of people who drown in swimming pools accidentally each year. The number is alarmingly 3,300 people and one in five accidental drownings are children and for every kid that dies there signifies five more kids who kids who require hospitalization.

But for all the lucky adults, you may have not gotten infected even if you had spent most part of your childhood in swimming pool. Odds are you never got seriously ill or infected by the bacteria and parasites found in pools. In conclusion, swimming is on your own risk and you can best hope it does not get to you and make you severely ill.


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