Weirdest Beauty Trends That’s Only Fit For Instagram

Beauty is what you make of it and it can be anything you want. But ever since Instagram came around the definition of beauty has totally changed. And this is why there is a new trend every other week popping up on our feeds.

Some trends are so beautiful and look totally doable but there are some that look like it should’ve never seen the light of the day and yet it exists. Here are some weirdest beauty trends that are only fit for Instagram.

McDonald’s Eyebrows.

Eyebrows are a very important feature of a human’s face and it is something that makes a huge difference defining your look. But over the years beauty gurus like Huda Kattan has been obsessed with weird eyebrows that she is willing to try as many looks as possible. But the weirdest trend ever has to be the McDonald’s eyebrow trend. I mean, who walks around looking like the yellow clown in real life.

Nose Hair Extensions.

Kylie Jenner might be known as the queen of hair extensions as she used to rock different hairstyles every other day. But this new Instagram trend is a little too over the line as it involves hair extensions and nose. Nose hair extension is something that might sound fancy but looks way too creepy in real life as if a spider is crawling out of your nose.

Fidget Spinner Nail Art.

Fidget spinner has become so popular over the years that it is used everywhere. It also became a trend the beauty world adapted and gave it its own spin. Hence came the fidget spinner nail art. The weirdest thing is you need to drill your nails in order to fit one of these tiny little spinners onto your nails.

Unicorn Everything.

I know unicorns can be quite fascinating as they are so magical and normally don’t exist. But there is no harm in imagining they do and being inspired by the magical creature. From Unicorn hairs to brows and from lipsticks to highlighters and nail arts unicorns were everywhere. Instagram lit up with people obsessing over unicorns so bad that they actually turned into one.

Highlighters, lots of highlighters.

Highlighters were great to the point where people were using it in order to give their face a natural glow to the high points of their faces. But then came the trend where you’re supposed to go crazy with your highlighters. Basically, finish the whole thing the day you bought it by not leaving a single part of your body.

Fur Nails.

You can chop up your pet’s hair and glue it to your nails if you’re in love with this nail trend but can’t afford to pay for the actual thing. Plus point, your nails are forever warm.

Glitters Everywhere.

A little bit of glitter never hurts anyone when it comes to making your look pop but when the glitter starts taking over everything, that’s something to think about. But thanks to Instagram it’s now a possibility. People are going crazy over glitters that they’re using it everywhere, literally everywhere.

Reversed Winged Eyeliner.

As if the winged liners weren’t hard to master as it is, there comes another trend, the reverse winged liners. They do look pretty but a bit confusing.

Penis Eyebrows/Eyeliners.

Just when you thought people won’t go any crazier trying out new trends, entered the penis eyebrows and eyeliners. Women are actually drawing a penis on their faces and calling it a trend, what more?

Bratz Doll Makeup.

Even though there is a common misconception that women use makeup to lure men but actually they use it to build up confidence and to look good. But looking like a Bratz doll seems a little too much. But not if you’re competing for RuPaul’s Drag Queen.

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